Saturday, January 31, 2009


I spent most of my day either wasting time, being humbled by my Mac,* or studying for A&P. BW was outside playing with his friends a lot of the day and MM is out on the rig, so I had a day of peace and quiet. Until I got the 'can we show your house tomorrow' phone call, then everything went all to hell.

For one thing, I have one of those coughs that start out feeling like there's just a tickle, but end up feeling like your head may explode from the dry, unproductive coughing you've been doing all day long. And oh yeah, I feel like a baby hippopotamus is kneeling on my chest, squishing all the air out of my lungs, too. Basically I'm feeling like crap.

The other thing is, I really, really don't want to clean for yet another waste of time showing. The house has been on the market for nearly six months. I'm not holding out much hope that this is going to be it. I feel like asking if they can wait a few weeks, just until I can afford to get the housekeeper in here again. (Come back in late February, we'll be all set then!) I won't, but the thought did cross my mind.

Also, I have test to study for, and I really don't feel like devoting the couple of hours it'll take to vacuum, mop, dust, pick-up, and clean the bathrooms.** You know, all the things it'll take to get the house all gussied up for company. If I was at all convinced that somebody might actually make an offer on our house, I'd be a little more enthusiastic, I swear.

So, that was my day in a nutshell. It really wasn't all bad, even though this is a pretty whiny post. I am feeling pretty good about the amount of studying I did today, and pretty confident since I have three more days to study before my test. I just have to memorize the gazillion of bones in the human skull, and I'll be set. Easy as pie, right?

*I thought I knew how to work my Mac, but apparently not nearly as well as I believed. It was evident when I tried submitting an assignment for my Internet class. The whole process ended up taking at least an hour due to incorrectly saved file names, losing files, and other assorted issues. All of which were completely my fault. Which was totally ridiculous, and so very, very frustrating.

**Yes, I know we should be keeping the house in showing condition at all times. But since we've had an average of one showing or open house per month, I've been slacking. Sue me.


Zayna said...

I'm not a "Susie Homemaker" type by nature myself.

I think I would feel the same way about tidying up just so some strangers can walk through my house and decide they don't want to buy it.

I can see why that'd be really annoying.

KCB said...

Oh, girl, I hope they at least showed up for the showing after you went to all the trouble to clean.

And I guess that crud you got blew in on the wind from Austin. We've all been hacking and wheezing lately. Hope you're able to lick it soon!

Lisa said...

I've got two more hours before the showing. The house is in a state I call "real people live here" - the worst of it is cleaned up, but it's not perfect. I did manage that much! Also, I've got bread in the bread machine and a lemon down the garbage disposal. Who wouldn't buy a house that smelled of fresh bread and lemons?

And thank you, KCB! This is apparently some fast-acting illness - I went through aches and a fever overnight, but I'm feeling mostly ok now. I'm hoping spending most of the day in bed will help!