Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Will a Traumatized Bread Machine Ruin the Bread?

My mom bought me a bread machine.* It was shipped via Fed-Ex. I've been anxiously awaiting its arrival, which means checking on its status at least twice a day. Yesterday it was in Ft. Worth, TX, and was scheduled to be delivered to Lubbock today.

Wouldn't you know it? A Fed-Ex plane from Ft. Worth crashed at the Lubbock airport this morning.** According to Fed-Ex, my package was scanned in shortly after 6:00 am this morning. Either it was on a different plane, or Fed-Ex is amazingly efficient.

That leaves me with the question of appliance traumatization....I presume it got rattled around quite a bit. Hopefully it was well packaged. But, still. If I were in a plane crash, I don't think I'd be performing at my best later on that same day. I'd be feeling shaken and scared. Thankful for surviving. Maybe even needing to break away from the norm, to really live for the day.

What if my bread machine feels the same? What if it no longer feels that making bread is, well, enough? What if it's feeling too scared, too vulnerable to perform? I don't have time to deal with its feelings. Call me insensitive or heartless, but I had plans for that bread*** maker. Plans that included making bread.**** TODAY.

*I love my mom. She even sent home a bunch of different flours and bread mixes from Sprouts. And citrus from her trees. She takes such good care of me!!!

**The pilots are fine, I did check that first. Yes, I do worry about the safety of humans over machines, I promise you.

***I've typed 'bread' as 'break' four times in this post. I'm scared my bread machine is trying to telepathically communicate something with me.

****In case you couldn't figure that one out, because I know you couldn't possibly know what I would be doing with a bread machine.


Zayna said...

Pour it a stiff drink and let it relax for about an hour or so before using it...or wait, is that Husbands?

What the heck, couldn't hurt...and if it doesn't want the drink, have it yourself. :P

lisafer said...

Sage advice.... :)