Thursday, April 30, 2009

Belief-O-Matic and Other News

A Personality quiz about your religious and spiritual beliefs

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Your Results

The top score on the list below represents the faith that Belief-O-Matic, in its less than infinite wisdom, thinks most closely matches your beliefs. However, even a score of 100% does not mean that your views are all shared by this faith, or vice versa.

Belief-O-Matic then lists another 26 faiths in order of how much they have in common with your professed beliefs. The higher a faith appears on this list, the more closely it aligns with your thinking.

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1. Unitarian Universalism (100%)
2. Neo-Pagan (97%)
3. New Age (90%)
4. Liberal Quakers (88%)
5. Secular Humanism (83%)
6. Theravada Buddhism (80%)
7. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (73%)
8. Mahayana Buddhism (72%)
9. Taoism (67%)
10. Nontheist (56%)
11. Reform Judaism (55%)
12. Orthodox Quaker (47%)
13. New Thought (47%)
14. Scientology (42%)
15. Sikhism (42%)
16. Jainism (40%)
17. Baha'i Faith (37%)
18. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (33%)
19. Hinduism (31%)
20. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (23%)
21. Orthodox Judaism (22%)
22. Seventh Day Adventist (21%)
23. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (17%)
24. Eastern Orthodox (12%)
25. Islam (12%)
26. Roman Catholic (12%)
27. Jehovah's Witness (7%)


Welcome to my results for the Belief-O-Matic! Have I posted this before? My apologies, if I have!

They actually sound pretty close to right, although I was a little surprised that Neo-Pagan and New Age were so close to the top. Must be the nature lover in me. I did love that Liberal Quaker was within the top five. I have always had a special fondness for the Quakers, and now I know why.


I'm back safely from my quick trip to Phoenix. My interviewers managed to cram three meetings into a two day period, and all seemed to go well. I've been sent the info to go be drug tested*, as well and some stuff to fill out for a background check. It's looking promising, although I won't hear anything for sure for about another week.

On one hand, I'm hoping I get this job because the oil field is not picking up quickly and one of us needs to work. It's a great company with great benefits, but it's customer service. I really didn't want to go back to customer service. A teeny tiny part of me hopes they won't offer it to me at all so I can continue to be the stay at home parent. But I know that's unfair to MM, and in this economy, whoever can manage to get a job should be thankful for it.

MM and I have decided that one of us will work full-time and the other will work part-time or not at all so that BW can still be home schooled for as long as he wants to be. BW has mentioned trying school here and there, but thankfully hasn't been too serious about it so far. I'm perfectly willing to let him try it (in theory) but when I start looking into schools, it makes me a little queasy.

For the time being, MM is really enjoying being the primary parent. He's still looking for work, but he's thinking he wants to head back to the oil field so there's not much happening now. He's applied to a bunch of other things in Phoenix, but without any luck. As much as we hate it, it may be that I work until I get into nursing school full-time, and then he heads to NM or TX to work until I finish school.

With that in mind, he's enjoying his time off and spending loads of time having fun with BW. They're going to baseball games and skate parks quite frequently. They're hanging out and having fun. I love that they have this time to spend together! Especially if MM ends up working out of state next year.

I love planning our future, but hate the day to day process of making it all happen. I'm too impatient for it. I wish I could just get to the good stuff. I envision a future where I'm working as a travel nurse with Phoenix as our home base. We're traveling the U.S., seeing different places, spending time together as a family. My dreams** usually involve me making enough money for MM to be able to not work and be with BW. But the scraping by and getting through school and thinking about having MM work out of state and all that is starting to get to me. I want to skip ahead to the good part! I want to live the dream, not the details! Which, when I think about it, gives explanation to a lot of my personal issues.


I'm off to study and play Farm Town on Facebook.*** I have decided that both are evil. I won't even tell you the countless hours I've spent on both recently. It's sad, really. I think M2 is about to disown me over it.


*And I really, really hope that poppy seed salad dressing doesn't hang out in your system for too long. I really don't want to have to explain that I am NOT an opium junky. Simply a lover of poppy seeds.

**Most recently, they involve an Airstream trailer....I've taken a tour, and I've been converted. And Matthew McConaughey has one. Since he IS my secret lover, I must have one, too.****

***I'm spending even more time on FB now that I am able to switch the language to Pirate's English. Arrr. It takes so little to amuse me.

****I'm kidding. I do think it's pretty cool that Matthew has one, but it's really not that important to me. And I don't really do the secret lover and/or boyfriend thing. Although, if I were going to start? He'd be pretty high up on my list....Just saying.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FINALLY, Something To Blog About

Since BW is in AZ and my A&P test was yesterday, I had nothing special to do today. I had an early dentist appointment* in town and after that, I decided to have a day of fun.

After the dentist, I went and had lunch, had coffee, then went for a massage.** Afterwards, I headed over to the cosmetology school for a facial and a seaweed wrap. All was wonderful. Right up until the end.

They finished up my wrap, and left me alone to get dressed. The chair/table I was on was much like a dentist's chair - rather than having legs at each corner, it had a stand in the center. It also had arms on the sides, effectively trapping me in the center of the chair.

In order to get a little leverage to get out, I raised my legs for an instant. That was all it took for the chair's center of gravity to change. I felt the chair slowly begin to tip backwards.

The whole thing happened in slow motion. The chair began tipping. I began sliding off the chair. Backwards and downwards. Head first. The next thing I knew, I was partially on the floor - my head and torso were on the ground, my legs and feet still on the chair angled towards the ceiling.


There was nothing I could do at any point to save myself. Once the chair began flipping over, there was no way to stop it or save myself. I was unceremoniously dumped onto the floor, hitting my head on the garbage can.

Did I mention I was naked?

I picked myself off the floor, assessed the damage, got dressed, and went and told the girls who were working on me what happened. While they were quite concerned about whether or not I was OK, they didn't quite know what else to do.

I was sort of in shock - you know that 'just had an accident' feeling? Kind of shaky and jittery, not quite sure how you are yet? That's how I was feeling. And since it was closing time, and I said I was alright, the receptionist decided the only thing to do was to bill me for services rendered and shoo me out so they could lock up.

I paid because I wasn't quite sure what else to do, I was still a little out of it. She asked me if I wanted to add on a tip, which I found sort of ironic. I did tell her I didn't really feel it was appropriate to pay even more money, being as how I'D JUST BEEN DUMPED ONTO THE FLOOR. But I now feel guilty about it, since it wasn't the students' fault the chair/table thing sucked.

I feel like they should have gotten a supervisor, made more of an effort to make sure I was OK, had me sit for a minute to to regain my wits. I should have asked for a supervisor, sat down for a minute, and made sure I was really alright.

Since I didn't do any of those things, I headed for a sandwich shop and got dinner instead.***


*Yay, still no cavities!! I love my teeth.

**Massage Envy has some great deals for new clients. It was $39 for a 60 minute massage, which is well worth it.

***And while I was there, while peeing no less, I got a call for a job I applied for in Phoenix. You'd think by now I'd have learned not to answer unknown callers when I'm peeing. They want me to come in and interview. In Phoenix. On Friday.
I spent the rest of the day rushing around like mad, looking for an interview outfit and planning a last minute trip to Phoenix.***

****See what happens when I get greedy and try to take my day of freedom too far? I couldn't just stop at the massage, could I?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

I have a habit of replaying conversations in my head, and kicking myself for saying the things I said. Why, oh why, do some of these words come out of my mouth? Or, burst forth from my fingers, in the case of online chatting.

It's one thing to blog about trading sex for housework,* it's something completely different when you say it out loud to someone you barely know. Not that I've ever done that.

I tend to prattle on about odd things when I get nervous. I'm shy, so it happens somewhat frequently. And my sense of humor? Turns out not everyone is as amused by me as I am.**

Moving on.

So, 26 more days until my final exam in Anatomy. MM will be coming here in 24 days to help pack up and to drive home with me. He is ready for me to be in Phoenix - like "I'll pick you up when your test is over and we'll drive through the night" ready. My only wish is that I could pack up M2 and her family and bring them along. I gotta say, for me, that's the only downside of leaving West Texas. That, and these sunsets......

*With my husband....It's a completely legitimate way to get the house cleaned. To the best of my knowledge, it won't work with Merry Maids.

**Shocked, are you?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So Alive.....

I couldn't decide whether to title this 'So Alive' or 'No New Tale to Tell' - both of which are currently true. As you may have noticed, I'm in a Love and Rockets sort of mood. Unfortunately, my head is not full of magic, baby, but here I am anyway.

BW and I spent Easter weekend in Phoenix with my hubby and mom. It was a great weekend, complete with Easter egg hunting, candy, and the like. We really don't celebrate Easter - we're more humanist/agnostic than anything else - but we do do* the whole family dinner/Easter egg coloring rituals. I still don't get where the whole bunny/eggs thing came from, and it confounds me each and every year. I really should Google it.

MM and I got to spend a night alone together. We booked ourselves a nice place in Scottsdale for a little alone time. I looked at my itouch and got the time wrong (apparently it doesn't automatically update like a cell phone) and we went out to dinner at 4:00 pm. We were also asleep by 9:00 pm. If it weren't for the gourmet Easter breakfast, the little hot tub on our private patio, the beauty of the desert in spring, and an afternoon of us time,** it hardly would have been worth it.

This weekend also firmed up my conclusion that both MM and I do not like sharing the same bed. I miss my husband, but man do I like sleeping alone! I'm sure people will think we're odd, but we both agree that we'll be setting up two different beds according to our own preferences. I want to be close enough to each other to hold hands and chat as we fall asleep, but far enough away to ensure knees and elbows stay with the person to which they belong. Rather than in my spleen.***

There's still no job, no prospects of a job, no interviews, nada, nothing, zilch. We're thinking at this point MM will be unemployed until something happens in the oil field, and then he'll be travelling back and forth between Phoenix and his job site, with BW and I coming when we can. At least that's the plan for now. We're pretty flexible. My friends are all still saying "if you move to Phoenix" even though MM and all our stuff is there. We tend to change things up on a whim.

Since MM is still unemployed, BW ended up staying in Phoenix with his daddy and my mom. He was having a rough time here - nothing major, but he really missed he dad. We decided since he'd been here with me for a while, it was time for him to spend some time with MM. It's only been a few days, but so far, so good. I know he misses me, but he's having a great time and seems pretty happy with things. I'm feeling a little off - it's not often I have no real responsibility other than myself. It's making me a little antsy. I've holed up in my room with the latest Clive Cussler**** and my Mac to acclimate myself. I may be ready to face the world by the weekend.

I've been working on picking out fabrics and ordering purses from my wonderful friend SuziQ, the Goddess of Purses. I have four gifts I've had to figure out between February and June, and this year they're all getting a purse. Lucky, lucky ladies! I'm going to try my best to give them to the people I am shopping for. Rather than keep them all for myself, as tempting as that will be.

So that's about it - a little bit of this, a little bit of that. I've been in my own little bubble, neglecting my blog and my Facebook Farm. My cartoon crops have all died. A real travesty, I know. I'm slowly but surely giving up on the notion of having a 'normal' life any time soon. And you know what? It's all OK. Life is good. ;)


*Ha ha ha! Makes me laugh every time....

**A very impressive afternoon of 'us time', know what I mean, know what I mean, nudge nudge, say no more.

***Just the thought of how much cheaper twin or full sheet sets are makes me all tingly with glee. Finally, I will no longer feel guilty shopping for the thread count I desire!! Luxurious bedding is almost within my grasp!!!

****Plague Ship, in case you were wondering. I grabbed it at the airport Monday and finished it earlier today. I give it two thumbs up. If you're into that sort of action/adventure novel, Clive never disappoints.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why I Can't Lift My Arms Over My Head....

I took BW out yesterday for a day-o'-fun.* I had planned on taking him to see a couple of drive-in movies (two for $6, can't beat that) and spend some time at the local putt-putt place. Unfortunately, the putt-putt place didn't open until later in the day** so we ended up going to Main Event. I am now both hobbled and penniless.

We spent about nine hours there playing video games, laser tag,*** mini-golf, and bowling. All but the video games were in that black lighted, glowy, flashing environment that makes me feel like I'm going to have a seizure. I am so sore and achy, I can barely walk. Between the bowling and laser tag, my arms feel like jell-o. And not just because they're all fat and jiggly, like normal.

It's more apparent to me than ever that I need to institute some sort of physical readiness program before I can attempt a week at Disney. Yesterday made me realize I would never make it through a day in the Magic Kingdom without some serious training.

In other news, I joined Weight Watchers again.**** I did make it nearly two weeks being mostly raw. (Mostly being the operative word.) It wasn't enough for me. I found that I was still out of control with my eating, even while raw.***** And that I couldn't stick to it. I really, really, really like cooked food. I do feel much better, though. My body definitely needed that cleanse after all the garbage I'd been eating.

Up until yesterday, I was meat free. I did have some chicken for both lunch and dinner. I think that most of the time I am happy not eating meat, but I don't think I want to eliminate it from my life forever. I do, however, want to at least make most of the meat I eat organic. I figure if I'm eating a lot less of it, I should be able to afford organic.

Anyway, I started tracking everything I eat (shudder) and found that it was way, way more than I thought it was. I'm still sticking to mostly raw foods, but I am adding cooked meals or portions of meals in when I feel like it. I'm still eating loads and loads of fruits and vegetables. I'm sticking to whole grains and organics when I can. I'm hoping that all this combined will help me get healthier. It's a continuing battle. I promise not to talk about too much, though. It gets old fast.


And last but not least....Airfare from Phoenix to Hawaii? Oh my. Very cheap. My resistance is weakening. Yes, it is totally irresponsible to go to Hawaii when neither of us have jobs. I know this. But since I've never been totally responsible, I really don't see the problem. I keep reading articles about how people are using their unemployment time to recharge, travel, and find a more fulfilling life path. We're unemployed. We need to find new direction. I'm always up for travel. I think a trip to Hawaii is exactly what I need. And mom? Since I know you're still reading, it'd be really fun if you came along. Think of it as our own personal little family reunion.....


*Please read with your best pirate and/or Irish accent. Feel free to add an 'Arrrr' if appropriate.

**Totally not cool for us homeschoolers. One of the pros of living in a big city again will be that businesses like that are generally open all day. I think.


****Why yes, I do find it impossible to remain monogamous to one eating plan. I really should seek counseling for my inability to commit.

*****Nuts. Nuts are how you can be out of control with your eating while raw. Give me a loophole, and I can destroy even the healthiest of plans.
(And [[cough]] cookie dough. Which is raw. Right?)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Charlie Browned

Wow. Apparently last month I purged all the posts within, 'cause lately, when it comes to stuff to write about? I got nothin'.

I've been studying and studying for this week's A&P test, and other than that, nothing too exciting has been happening. I'm still trying to stick to as near to raw as possible. Which definitely isn't 100% raw, but pretty darn close. I'm going to do a three day OJ fast starting tomorrow - oranges are cheap at our local grocery store, and M2 suggested it as a way to cleanse my body out a little more, and possible kick start some weight loss. In the past, too much citrus gave me horrible heart burn, but I'm going to give it a go and see what happens. After that, I'll go back to mostly raw with a smattering of cooked foods added in here and there. Pretty much what I'm doing now.


My son learned the meaning of April Fools Day this afternoon.

His tumbling class in held in this really huge building. The parents sit at one end, and the equipment begins about 15 or 20 feet in and goes on for what seems like an eternity. At the end of the lesson they get free time, which generally involves jumping into a giant pit of foam squares, climbing a wall and jumping into said pit, swinging from a rope into the pit - you get the idea.

BW was swinging from the rope into the foam pit and wanted to make sure we were all watching. He comes alllllllll the way back to tell us (M2 and her three kids, plus me) to watch his next trick and then takes off at a run towards the rope.

He runs. And he runs. He approaches the rope, his instructor readying it for his swing. BW leaps into the air, arms out, ready to grab that rope - and his instructor whips it out of the way. BW goes flying into the pit, full steam ahead, arms a'flailing.

After we all regained composure, the only thing I could say was, "He got Charlie Browned!"

Apparently his instructor did it and then said, "April Fools!" BW was a little disappointed that he didn't get to show us his trick, but he was laughing about the whole thing. Luckily he's got a sense of humor.


My Eco-resolution for this month....Much like Zayna, I have no idea what to do. I guess I'm not going to tax my brain by thinking of something new and different, but I am going to commit to eating 100% vegetarian for the next six weeks. It's really kind of taking the easy way out of doing things, since M2 and her family are vegetarian, but it's about all I feel capable of right now.

I'm afraid I'm not going to be very committed to much more than getting by right now. I'm still adjusting to all this, and it's all I can do to keep up some of the changes I've already made. I'm feeling a little emotionally drained. I was all set to have our time in limbo over with the sale of the house, but no such luck. Things are definitely better, but, well, you know. No need to prattle on about it....

I'll just wrap this up with a tidy little 'Happy Spring' to everyone. Hope everyone's April Fools Day was fun!