Thursday, January 8, 2009

Virtually Unbreakable Unless Dropped or Hit

I started out my day by watching Matchbox Twenty videos on YouTube. M1 sent me this great version of Don't Let Me Down by them. I love MB20. Love them. With all my heart. But is it just me, or does Rob Thomas look like he's about to have a seizure when he sings? Not in this video, but live and in person he does this odd chest beating thing while performing. I was entranced by it during one show we went to in Phoenix. That, and his super tight jeans. We were at Cricket Pavilion (is it still called that??) and they had those jumbo tron thingies, and I couldn't look away. I swear, it was like his penis was singing to me.* I think that's why he hops around and bangs on his chest - it's the male version of "HEY! MY EYES ARE UP HERE, PERVERT!!!"

I followed up by reading some blogs, and nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I checked out Squid Ink this morning. She has this great video posted from The Onion about the "new Macbook Wheel" and it was a riot. The part at the end about people in the business world using computers 'for actual work instead of just dicking around' was a snort coffee out your nose type of thing.

So. That was my morning. I'm now off to read some more of Treasure Box by Orson Scott Card (which I am totally digging, by the way) and monitor my son's You Tube/Weird Al viewing. He's now a Weird Al fanatic. And it cracks me up, since an ex and I went through a phase with Weird Al as well. (Yes, son, he has been doing this for the last twenty years. No, your friend did not just discover a great new artist.)

After that, it's back to reading The Maze of Bones, the first in The 39 Clues series. We're digging that, as well. It's described as sort of a National Treasure/Da Vinci Code for kids. There are books to read (written by different authors) with clue cards that go along with them, and then there's a whole online game to play as well. We're up to Chapter 5, and the book is a great read. The website games and clues are really fun, too. BW isn't really old enough to do it by himself, but we're having a great time doing it together. It's an exciting day at the Casa de Man, let me tell you.

*Now if that doesn't give you the heebie jeebies, I don't know what will.

Edited to add: If anyone can tell me why my links don't light up until you hover over them, I'd love them probably forever. Is that just how they work?

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