Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wipeout and Spermy Grooves

Wipeout is starting again on June 22nd! We just watched Wipeout: Blind Date, and laughed for two hours straight. I love that show.  I can't explain my fascination with it, other than people willingly choosing to be filmed while being knocked down over and over again delights me more than words can say. And the Big Balls! Oh my, I still laugh at the Australian episode, Big Balls: Down Under. Seriously, who thinks of this stuff? If you like watching people getting knocked off things and falling in the most spectacular ways, check it out.

Wipeout is also pretty much what I did with my eating the last two days. Weekends just kill me and I really have to get that under control. It wasn't too horribly bad, but it wasn't how I wanted things to be. I did swim for a couple of hours, though, so hopefully that made up for some of the crap that I ate.

We're going to have a couple of weeks here without BW. His aunt called and wanted to know if they could have him for a week, and the day he gets back from there, he's off to camp for a week. We asked him if he'd be OK being away from us for two weeks, and his response is, "Well, yeah, I'll miss you. But I'll get over it!" Gee, thanks. I feel bad that we can't return the favor with our nephews, but sorry, three kids in a two bedroom apartment is too much for me to handle. Waaaayyyy too much.

Last night I got to spend a couple of hours with a cousin that I never, ever see. The one that actually lives in the same state with me, too. We're averaging about an hour or so each year because we're close like that. It was nice to see her and her son, though - I like her, she's fun. I don't know why I've never really connected as an adult with the cousins on that side of the family. Not like the Texas cousins, anyway.  We've tried to rekindle our relationships through the years, but it never really seems to stick.

I'm beat and I want to finish watching Expedition Great White. One of the scientists just shouted, "Sperm in the groove, that is awesome!" while making a note on his clipboard. Right after another guy stuck his finger in the poor shark's spermy groove. Apparently, sexually violating a male Great White is scientifically noteworthy.

So yeah, big balls and shark porn - an exciting weekend at home. Don't you wish you could be me?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Well, Hello There!

So it turns out that switching to part-time at work just leaves me feeling even guiltier - I still am too busy to get EVERYTHING done that needs doing, but no longer can use work as an excuse. WTF?

We've had all sorts of happenings this last month, as I noted in my last post. So, in no particular order, here goes:

- BW turned nine this month. NINE. We're about to enter the double digits. It was a pretty low key birthday, just cake and dinner with grandma and M1 and the kids. And year number five of MM's mother completely forgetting the day. I think at this point I'm just at a mild simmer. I've grown to accept that it's going to keep happening, and to realize that it's a little freeing - I no longer have to feel responsible for the special days of that side of the family. And it doesn't really seem to faze BW at all, so I'm trying not to be to pissed off about it. I've come a long way in five years, haven't I?

- I got MM's initial (which, ironically, really is an 'M') and a tiny heart tattooed on my ring finger. We don't wear rings any more, he's had my initials on his finger for a few years now, I decided I'd take the plunge. Now I really do have to stop and count the tattoos from head to foot to tell people how many I have.

- M1 and I spent three nights in Vegas, and it was so wonderful. Just me and her, no kids or hubbies. I've missed spending a lot of time with her, it's hard with everyone's busy schedules, but four whole days alone was like four whole days of stress-free bliss. I can't wait to do it again.

- BW and I drove to Texas to visit my other bestest friend, M2, much to her surprise. Her husband and I planned it several weeks in advance and kept it a secret. I got to let myself into her house and see her surprised face when she realized I was there. The trip was much, much too short, but, it was absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to see her again. I love her so much, and it just sucks not being able to pop around the corner to her house to see her every single day. Possibly the one and only downside of leaving Texas. Oh yeah, that, and having to go back to work. But the work thing pales in comparison to not getting my daily dose of friendship.

- We went camping with MM's brother and his family - the first time I've camped as an adult and I'm sold. I've been over zealously shopping for camping equipment on ebay. Let's just say we have a lot of campfire cookware arriving here in the next several days. And I've got at least one percolator too many.

- BW's been listening to Lady Gaga. He loves that kind of music, I downloaded it knowing he does, but without having ever really listened to the lyrics. My mistake. He asked me what a disco stick was. And proceeded to tell me he thought she meant penis. I had to google it to be sure - because I'm that cool.

- I took C out to the Melting Pot for dinner for her birthday. We haven't been there for years, and it was oh so yummy. We don't exchange gifts anymore, really, just take each other out on really fun outings or to dinner. I looooove that place, and I actually didn't eat so much this time. I wasn't completely miserable when I left! Progress!!

- I started an exercise/eating plan. I'm trying to do weight watchers again. I got an Android phone and there's a great app for tracking things. I'm going to the gym at work three nights a week with my carpool buddy - which means I actually GO three nights a week, rather than blowing it off. I'm going to start swimming with BW on my off days, so I'm aiming to average six days of activity a week. So far, so good. I'm doing pretty well with both the eating and the exercise, and I've got support to motivate me to stick with it.

- I'm going to finish nursing school. I know I keep changing my mind, but I keep coming back to it. I'm thinking about going to a private school here to get my BSN, I could actually be done in about two and a half years. I'm hoping that'll keep me motivated to keep up the exercise and eating healthy as well, because if I had to be on my feet for 12 hours a day now, I'd probably need a nurse.

- I've been promising MM a sports car for his 40th birthday since before BW was born. This morning, we took the plunge and are the proud new owners of a 1999 Corvette. With only 19,0000 miles on it, even. MM is over the moon. It is a pretty car, if you like that sort of thing. Personally, I'd rather have a Stingray. I'm thinking a month of backpacking through Europe for me in three short years. A present for graduating college and my 40th, if all goes well.....

Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy Beaver



Sorry. I'm still laughing over my title. Once again, I amuse pretty much only myself. And usually Sheri. ;^)

The last three weekends I have been to Vegas, drove twelve hours to Texas to surprise M2 and the family with a weekend visit, and then went camping with my brother-in-law and his family.

In between, I have worked, gotten a new tattoo, began writing a song, celebrated Boy Wonder's 9th birthday and made at least two questionable parenting choices. Probably more, but only two stand out.

I have to get ready for work so I will write a real post later, but for now, I'll leave you with the song I'm (re)writing to honor Baskin Robbins ice cream. Please sing it to the tune of Master of Puppets:

Baskin! Baskin!
Where's the ice cream, I've been askin'?
Baskin! Baskin!
Fattenin' up my thighs...