Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Powers

I filled out some quiz thing on Facebook* the other day. One of the questions was which super power would you choose to have. I instantly said mind control. M2 said disapparating and apparating. She had to explain that one to me. I'm not totally up on my Harry Potter lingo, and I got stuck on how much it sounded like 'evaporate' and couldn't think of anything else. I guess it is basically the same idea, right?

Anyway, M2's theory was she could apparate herself on over to a beach in Hawaii any time she felt like it. Mine involved having minions** who took me to Hawaii any time I wanted because I controlled their minds. They'd also clean my house, cook my meals, and do my laundry.

Our talk quickly turned to compounds, interconnecting tunnels, and moats filled with piranha, which is a logical place to go when you start out at minions. (Anyone starting to see a pattern here?) I've been planning a design for our next property, and I've told MM to expect to work all those things in. He's totally on board with it, I can tell. And I'm sure BW would love to dig a moat. We'd consider it a home school project.

But I wonder...does anyone else spend time thinking about these things? Is it normal to plan out elaborate fantasy houses and to seriously consider what types of super powers you'd like to have?

*I don't have enough to do, so I screw around on Facebook filling out quizzes.

**Many of my fantasies involve mind control, having minions, and being queen of my own island. Is that weird?


KCB said...

I've wanted minions since I was a kid. Of course, when I was a kid I didn't think of them as minions but as "backup singers."

Another superpower I desperately wanted when my kids were babies was the power to make a cranky child stop screaming and fall asleep already.


Lisa said...

Well now I've got this whole picture in my head of minions trailing behind me with matching costumes, singing in harmony about the tasks they perform for me.....

I like it!

I had that superpower - I called it cold medicine....KIDDING!!! ;)

sixgables said...

teleporting. Totally. (Star Trek geek before HP geek, so the terminology sticks). Oo! Maybe Time travel instead. I want to go to the 1939 World's Fair.

Lisa said...

Oh, time lord would be good. I'd love to have my very own Tardis.