Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I've been toying with taking a digital photography class. I've really wanted to take it, just for fun, but I've been trying to stick to classes that I actually need for whatever degree I'm working on at that moment. (I have a tendency to change my mind. In case you were wondering.) I've been trying not to spend my student loan money on something frivolous.

This semester I broke down and decided to take it. Unfortunately, I decided after it had already filled up. But yesterday afternoon, after tuition was due (and apparently unpaid by someone), a spot opened up. I quickly grabbed it up and did the happy dance in my chair.

YAY!!! I'm taking a photography class!!

I love taking pictures. I took a photography class in high school. I was even on our year book staff as a photographer. This was back before digital cameras were all the rage. I had to know things like f-stops and manual focusing and that sort of thing. Things I have long since forgotten, and things I never end up using much on my point and shoot digital.

After all these years of playing around, I've still never really felt that capable. I get these incredible shots every now and then, but I think they're more by chance than skill. So I'm really, really looking forward to taking this class. It will be a nice break from the constant studying and memorizing I'll be doing alongside it in A&P. And maybe, just maybe, when the house sells, and we're all settled and not in danger of losing jobs and being homeless, I'll buy myself a fancy new camera. One I can change the f-stops on and manually focus. Funny how it all comes back around, isn't it?

To celebrate, I think I'll make pudding. Chocolate pudding.


sixgables said...

Jealous. Always wanted that photography class. Someday. It's on my List.

Today's verification word: pantrum. To use it in a sentence: I totally threw a pantrum this morning when I couldn't zip up my size 12s.

lisafer said...

Don't you just love the verification words? ;)