Saturday, January 24, 2009

Terminology Makes A Difference

I started my anatomy and physiology and digital photography classes this week. A&P is going to be all consuming for the next four months, and it's already sucking the life out of me. You'll note I've already skipped several days of blogging. I'm sure there will be several more gaps to come. Try to soldier on without me, and I'll do the best I can to pop in once or twice a week.

I'm learning proper anatomical terms right now. This is great because I love words and phrases, but there are some out there that really make me cringe. Butt crack, for instance. I really don't like to hear butt crack spoken aloud. It gives me the shivers. But now that I know to say gluteal cleft, I'm happy. I like gluteal cleft.* I like it so much, I'll be looking for opportunities to work it into conversations just as often as I can. In fact, I'll use it right now: I no longer mind telling you that my underwear is currently up my gluteal cleft. See? It just sounds so much classier that way.

Asshole is another one I don't care for. I'm kind of stuck there, though, since I don't like anus any better. Both of those words disturb me. I do say ass or jackass frequently. Truth be told, jackass is a personal favorite of mine. I guess I'll just have to avoid pinpointing that region of the body entirely whenever possible, while continuing to use jackass as my favorite term of derision. Are you as glad as I am that that's settled?


I've decided to apply for a place in the radiation therapy program at a college about 2 hours away. I'm not entirely sure how going back and forth will work, but if I am accepted we'll make it happen. (I will have to make sure I get a job that doesn't deal with colon cancer in any way, but I have a few years to work all that out.) If I'm not accepted, there's still the radiology program here in town. It's good to have options.


MM and BW took are in Arizona right now. MM came home late Tuesday night and got up and left for AZ Wednesday morning. He'll get to spend a couple of nights with his brother, a few nights with my mom, and a night with his mother. It's nice that he gets to see everyone, and nice to spend so much one on one time alone with BW. They both survived the car ride down, and considering how much they both loathe long car trips, I'm already counting the whole thing as a success.**

They'll be home Monday and MM will return to work Wednesday evening. I feel like I'm single again, I have all this free time on my hands. Well, it would be free if I weren't learning to identify the sphenoid bone and foramen ovale.


Our tadpoles came in the mail yesterday, so we are now officially growing frogs. (Raising frogs? I suppose it's different from growing a plant, but I'm not sure exactly how.) I got them all settled in their habitat this morning. BW will be thrilled to see them, and I personally cannot wait to watch them mature into frogs. I have so much fun with these types of things! Probably more so than BW.

*The phrase, not the actual anatomical case you were wondering.
**I seriously don't know how a person cannot like road trips. I think BW must have been implanted in my uterus by aliens. He is obviously not created from any egg of mine. Or maybe he was switched in the NICU. He had to stay there for two weeks before we could bring him home, who knows what kind of baby switching madness was going on there after hours.


Kristi said...

Okay, I found your blog and this is just cracking me up! Especially the "butt crack" part!
The next paragraph brings up images from "Pink Flamingos" talk about shiver!

Love the blog!

Lisa said...

Hi Kristi! Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you did. :)