Friday, January 9, 2009

And the Angels Sang

I've never made pudding from scratch. It's one of those things that just hadn't occurred to me - pudding came in a box or a plastic cup, and that was that. Not that we ever really ate pudding. Once in a great while I buy it and BW and MM eat it up, but I'm just not really a pudding person. Unless you're referring to the way my mid-section, rear, or thighs are of pudding-like consistency. But you would never do something so mean, I'm sure.

But, anyway. BW wanted pudding, M2 said it was easy enough to make from scratch. BW said he wanted lemon (!!) pudding. I said OK, and bought some ingredients. They sat in my cupboard until today. Today, well, today we made pudding. And I've been converted.

Pudding - hot, fresh from the oven pudding - is better than a having a massage while getting a mani/pedi while snuggling a warm sack of kittens and puppies dipped in lavender. De-clawed and toothless kittens and puppies. Because, y'know, otherwise kittens and puppies bite and scratch. Not that I'm asking anyone to rip the claws and teeth out of innocent kittens and puppies, because, I assure you, I am not. Should they end up clawless and toothless due to some unfortunate but ultimately harmless event, that would be OK. Dip 'em in lavender, put 'em in a sack, and bring 'em over.

OK. Sorry. Pudding.

We made lemon pudding from this recipe but with a few changes. I didn't have butter or milk or lemon. I used canola oil, vanilla soy milk, and lemon extract. The measurements were all the same though, in case you're wondering. It had a little bit of a funky aftertaste, which I'm guessing was from the extract - kind of, I don't know, vapor-y, like maybe from the alcohol - but was otherwise fantastic. I'm guessing if I have an actual lemon on hand next time, the problem will be solved. Or I could just add more extract and think of the whole thing as a cocktail.


After our lunch and pudding, the mail came and to BW's delight, it included his first Lego Brickmaster kit. This was a back ordered gift from grandma, and it's pretty damn cool. BW has been all into Lego stuff lately, and I have a special fondness for the little things as well. My ex and I spent a month backpacking in Europe when I was 19, and one of our stops was Legoland in Denmark. This was back before it came to sunny California, and man, was I impressed. The fact that an entire amusement park was built around little toy bricks amazed me to no end. Of course, I was so easily excited at 19. Also, we went there shortly after visiting Amsterdam. The whole week was a bit of a blur.

So. Pudding and Legos. It's been a pretty good day.


Carolyn said...

Okay, this was a really fun read Lisa! I'm looking forward to following your blog :-) Thanks for linking to me. Okay for me to do the same when I add a sidebar of blogs?

lisafer said...

Hi Carolyn! Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed it!

You can definitely add me as a link when you get to it.

Hope to see you back again! :)

ImPerceptible said...

Homemade pudding and legos a very good day indeed!