Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meet My New Blender

M2 and I went to Sam's Club today to do a little shopping. I was able to stock up on fruit - tons and tons of fruit - and M2 bought me a late birthday present, which was so sweet of her.

She made me an espresso chocolate cheesecake from scratch for my actual birthday, and believe you me, that was a present in and of itself. There really wasn't a need for any further gifting after that heavenly plate of yumminess. Today she went above and beyond the cheesecake, and got me this:

Isn't she pretty?!? Her name is Matilda and she's feisty. She poked a hole through my finger and made me bleed when I disassembled her for a wash.* We worked through it, though, and we both vowed to be a little more gentle with each other in the future. But, I won't lie and tell you I'm not worried at all. You know what they say...once they get a taste for human blood, you can never truly trust them again.

But, anyway....

I'm so excited! My blender was pretty crappy, and I used it almost every day. Smoothies are a breakfast favorite around here. I was really wanting a new blender, but since I didn't *technically* need one, I was hesitant to spend the money.

So, thank you, M2**!! I love it!

*For some reason, I stab myself in the finger with blender blades fairly frequently. I've punctured more fingertips that way...I really should be more careful.

**I just want to add that every time M2 picks me up to go somewhere, she brings me a Mocha. She even bought me a cup to keep at her house, so she'd have a good one to put it in. It's gotten to the point where I get in the car and reach for my coffee before she even mentions she made one - I just assume it's made and waiting for me. How awesome is that??? I mean, that she does that. Not that I've grown so accustomed to it that I just expect it. That's not really all that awesome. Did I mention how much I appreciate it? It's like having my own personal barista.


For the record, I'm having a much, much better day today. Getting out of the house helped a lot. Not to mention the coffee delivery and unexpected presents. And even though yesterday sucked, I've now had two fantastic nights of uninterrupted sleep. Mmmmmm....Sleep.....Wonderful, peaceful, non-combative sleep.

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