Monday, February 2, 2009

I Have The Answer

My husband likes to do things like skydive, hang glide, fly in ultralights, ride motorcycles and dirt bikes - you know, dangerous, adrenaline junky type things. The only thing he does regularly is ride his motorcycle, but he likes to try or do the other things when the opportunity presents itself.

Several years ago, we were having this conversation about tandem skydive jumps with MM's cousin and his wife, and I made the 'if it's your time to go, it's your time to go' comment. MM's cousin's wife said, "Well, yeah, but what if it's your instructor's time to go?"

It stumped me.

But I now have the answer....*

Click for link.

*And strangely enough, it's not 42.**

**A Douglas Adams reference.***

***Hey, look! I just annotated an annotation. Twice!! I'm so complex.


Zayna said...

Okay, Douglas Adams too...

Is there nothing we have in common?

Life...don't talk to me about life.

Lisa said...

I'm confused...did you mean is there nothing we don't have in common? Since you're quoting Marvin, I'm going to guess yes. :)

Zayna said...

Oops, yes...that's what I meant. :P