Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All is Well

Grades? Still not posted.

Cell phone? Dead with no hope of resurrection.

Numbers and appointments stored in said cell phone? Gone for good.

But all is fine!

Class? Tonight - so maybe I'll find out my grade then.*

New cell phone? Aqua!!

Numbers and appointments? Sent everyone an email asking for information.

And something that made me smile: a lovely little reminder of BW** (thanks to Notes From The Trenches) from back when he wasn't much older than this.***

*If not, I'll wait patiently and quietly until she gets around to grading and posting them. But on the inside? Well, on the inside I'll be stomping my foot, tearing at my hair, and wailing in despair.

**When BW was little he used to pronounce our last name as 'foreskin' and it made us laugh so hard it took us months to correct him. Boy Wonder Foreskin. It still makes me laugh.

***Oh how I miss those curls and chubby wrists.

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