Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Day of Rest

My first A&P exam was last night, and even though I've had the plague since Saturday night, I think I did pretty well on it. I feel good about it, anyway. I'm thinking I at least got a B, but possibly (dare I hope?) an A. I'm just waiting for it to be graded, hopefully I'll know by Thursday night.*

We had another surprise showing yesterday. Maybe things will start picking up. The people weren't interested (from what I could tell), but at least there are more people out there looking.

I've done nothing but blog, clean house, study, and lie (lay?) in bed for the last four days. I made a pot of sweet potato soup and luckily, we have lots and lots of fruit and Bernie-O's so I haven't needed to do a lot of cooking.** I don't think anyone wants me in the kitchen right now, what with all the coughing and sneezing and general germiness.

MM is home today, and he'll be home for the next week. I'm just hoping he doesn't get sick, too. Hopefully the worst is over for me, and he'll be happy and healthy while he's home with us. We've got M2's kids this weekend while her and her hubby go out of town, so I really hope to be feeling better by then.

I have two days of rest to look forward to - nothing to study for in A&P, and nothing to do that requires a lot of energy. I'm planning on letting my brain rest for a few days before I begin the whole cycle again. Hopefully the next cycle won't involve sickness.

*Impatiently. Grade it! Grade it NOW!

**The sweet potato soup was fantastically yummy but gave me heart burn. I'm guessing too much garlic? After two days of eating it, I called M2 and asked her if she had any of her wonderful soups made. My voice is all sick and pathetic sounding, it's a voice that sounds like it needs soup. She brought me some, and made some for dinner, too. Yay, soup!

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