Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm Trying

My A&P professor said that the test scores for our first exam would be posted by Sunday night or early Monday morning. It is now officially 27 minutes past Monday morning. The test scores? Not posted.

I'm trying, really trying, not to be that person. The person who obsesses about things, who is horribly impatient, who needs. To. Know. Everything. NOW. I understand that she's busy, that she's got other classes, other students. But oh my frickin' god, this is driving me insane.

Luckily, my cell phone died yesterday, so I have that to distract me. It's refusing to charge, and it's only five weeks before I'm scheduled to get a new one. Yay! I'm heading to the Alltel shop later today to see what can be done. I'm concentrating on not going to that deep, dark place - the place in my mind where I fear that my phone numbers cannot be retrieved.

As far as homeschooling goes, my attempts to get into a routine have been completely thwarted.* Having MM home every other week throws us off, being sick for a week messed me up, and of course, juggling BW's homeschooling and my own studying isn't easy. I've decided that the best thing to do right now is to figure out what I want to accomplish for the week as far as the basics go - reading, writing and math - and putting it all together for BW Sunday night. He'll have until the following Sunday to complete it all.

Don't get the wrong idea - he's seven, I'm not sending him off to do everything on his own. I'm just organizing it all and giving him a little more freedom about when he works on it. Some of the things he does can be done on his own, some things he still needs help with.

So I'm going to try this for a while and see how it goes. We've talked about the consequences of procrastinating, and agreed on what they would be. He understands what will happen if he blows it off and it doesn't get done. I'm going to give him a little slack and see if he takes any initiative on getting things done. If he doesn't, then it's back to him doing it all on my schedule. The last thing I need is a big fight every Sunday while he's stressed out and upset because he didn't get things done during the week.

MM's work schedule is turning out to be pretty awesome. Having him gone for a whole week is pretty nice - one less person to pick up after, it's a lot quieter around here, and we seem to eat healthier and lighter when he's gone. When he's home, he's home for a whole week with nothing to do but hang out with us. We can spend all this time together as a family, we can stay up late and sleep in if we want to, we can go to the park every day. It feels a lot like being on vacation. All that's missing is the change of scenery and hotel sex.

*I've always liked that word. I love being able to use it. I also really like saying, "I've been thwarted! Thwarted, I say!" while shaking my fist in the air, but I've found the opportunity occurs a lot less frequently then one would think.


BOSSY said...

Bossy can't help. Patience is a virtue she is missing.

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