Friday, February 27, 2009

Pods Vs. U-Haul

So, our house sold and we were supposed to be renting/buying from friends. We just had a month or two between our closing and then we could move in.

MM was supposed to be working, so we decided a Pod was the way to go - we can keep it for a while, load at our leisure, and have it delivered to the new place to unload at our leisure. It was a tad expensive, but not much more than a U-Haul and storage for a few months. Plus we wouldn't have to load a truck, unload it into storage, and then reverse the whole process and do it again. What could go wrong?

We get the Pod, we begin loading it, and our rental/purchase falls through. OK, we'll figure something else out, no big deal. Then, MM gets laid off. We decide we'll head back to AZ. Again, no problem - they can deliver the Pod there instead of here.

I called today to make those arrangements. Our original local delivery price? $86. Our new long distance delivery price? $2,353. Yowza!

So it looks like we'll be going with the load the truck, unload into storage, reverse, repeat option instead. More of a hassle, but so much cheaper. Even with the money wasted renting a Pod for a month.*

The only problem with the U-Haul is that we can't tow MM's truck with it. It apparently weighs too much. Looks like we'll be leaving it here and selling it, and buying him something else in Phoenix.

Now the last time we moved, we went to south Texas, had to evacuate for Rita, and ended up deciding to move to West Texas instead. 700 miles from where we originally intended. We moved all our stuff from Arizona to storage near Houston, to an apartment out here, and then to a house nearby - all in a four month period. Most of which occurred over the summer. In Arizona. And Houston. You'll understand why still I feel like we're still doing pretty well so far....

*I think I should get credit for Pod advertising or something. It was in my driveway for a month, all the neighbors saw it. That should count for something, right? Right??


sixgables said...

I need a Xanax just reading this. When I was a kid, we moved every year. At least once. In 1976, we lived in Ohio, Michigan, AND Delaware. My dad claimed to be working for KMart, but in hindsight I think he was on the lam. 10 moves in 6 states before the age of 10. I am wicked resilent, though, i tell you.

Lisa said...

I'm wishing that I had some Xanax. I may have to resort to finding some some shady online pharmacy, what with the no health insurance and all! :)

Wow. Now you had a lot of moving!