Thursday, February 12, 2009

You've Got To Be Effin' Kidding Me

Yesterday MM called from the rig to tell me they're getting stacked. But it's OK, because they have another rig for him to go to. Only it's 120 miles away, and he'd have to drive there and back every day. And oh yeah, it's a pay cut. Pay cut, a two hour one way drive and a ton of money for gas to get there. Awesome.

Right after I get that call, I get the mail. There's a letter from Alltel refusing my crazy SIL service without a deposit. She's applying for cell phone service, fresh out of rehab, and using our address.

She had called when she got out, couple of weeks ago. We talked briefly, I told her good luck with everything and that was the end of it. It was pretty awkward and pretty obvious that we weren't going to be talking again anytime soon.

But apparently not awkward and obvious enough that she didn't feel it was inappropriate to apply for credit using our address as her own.

And here I was, all high on the happiness of my test score. My happy dance must have drawn attention from from the powers that be. I've been thwarted. Thwarted, I say!*

*And wasn't I just saying the other day that the opportunity to say that doesn't come up all that often? When life brings you lemons....


Vicki said...

Have I mentioned that you are my newest favoritest blog? If not, you are.

I was thinking of you guys last night while watching American Idol with my welder hubs. The final two came down to a roughneck and a welder, and I didn't want to see either go but I was curious who would win out, the driller or the welder....and of course I was going to rub it in when the welder won, although the roughneck is way cuter, but then, the judges must have read my mind and kept them both! They couldn't decide! I thought it was great. In cae you don't watch, I'll let you know which one ends up winning! :)

About the job, Joey's co. has drug out of CO and when he's released back he's jobless!

Lisa said...

Vicki, you are so sweet! Thank you so much, it's always nice to hear it when someone likes my blog. I love your blog, too!

My hubby's been watching AI, so I see it sometimes. I did see the roughneck, but not the welder. Roughneck vs. welder, how funny!

Man, oh man. Looks like we'll both be in the same boat here shortly. Maybe they should both try out for AI, since they'll be having all this free time on their hands. Does Joey sing? :)

Keep me updated!