Monday, February 23, 2009

Ow! What The Hell Was THAT?*

MM's job is no more. We got the call this morning.

On the plus side, we're not waiting to find out, and in case you hadn't heard, our house has sold.** No more mortgage payment = more worries about not being able to pay said mortgage payment.

On the minus side, well, what now? We found out that the house we were going to rent fell through, so that's out. We went and looked at some other places, and there's nothing out there I particularly want to live in.

Right now, at least, it looks like BW and I will be staying with M2 while I finish out the semester. Maybe. Hopefully. MM might be going to AZ to see if he can find work there. We just don't really know at this point.

Our dreams of having money to save just got blown all to hell, that much is for sure. MM's great paying job is gone. Our cheap rental place is gone. Our future just got even more uncertain, and it was already pretty uncertain to start with.

The only thing I can say with any certainty at all is this: it will all work out. It always does.***

*That's what I said when the other shoe dropped squarely on my head this morning.

**Have I mentioned this? I'm not sure that I have.... :)

***This has always been my mantra, and I've been saying it a whole lot more these last few months. That and ommmmmm.


Vicki said...

does MM ever check out My husband checks it all the time to see what's going on and where. It's constantly updating new jobs so even if there's nothing right now, there could be in two minutes.

I'm sure he's familiar with, but if not, that's another good one for industrial jobs.

I'm still rooting for a home on wheels for you guys!!

Lisa said...

Yeah, he's looking on there, with his other contacts, with - you know, doing the rounds. He'll find something, it just may take time.

SuziQ's Daughter said...

I will keep you guys in my thoughts. It will all work out in the end. Take care and keep me updated.

Lisa said...

Thanks, M! I'll definitely let you know what's going on.

mazeway said...

Piss up a rope. I'm sorry. Having just spent over a year with an unemployed primary breadwinner (WIN? We win nothing. It has to be bought), I can sympathize. At least the house sold. yay!

Lisa said...

Thank you! We are so, so relieved the house is sold. It makes things so much easier for us! And gives us enough extra money to survive until the next thing happens, always a good thing.