Sunday, March 1, 2009

This is What Happens When You Don't Put The Lid on The Hot Tub, And a Bunch of Other Random Stuff

Eva likes to lounge on top of our hot tub and pretend she's queen of the mountain while Daisy stands at the bottom and barks at her.* MM and BW took a dip last night, and MM forgot to put the lid back on. Can you see where this is going?

Eva had a little surprise this morning. Probably even more surprising to her was when she leaped out of the steaming water and into the 23 degree morning. Brrrr!

We've been trying to keep her off the hot tub. I hadn't thought of this approach, but I'm willing to bet it will work. She's a smart girl - I'm guessing she'll be a little more cautious next time. My biggest regret is that I wasn't there to see it happen. I'm one of those people who find those things hilarious. If you trip and fall down, on the outside I'm all concerned. On the inside, I'm laughing hysterically at you. But still concerned. Always concerned.

It's a little hard to tell in this picture - Eva has a hard time standing still for portraits - but she was soaked from head to tail.


We sort of bought a new car yesterday.** We decided our best bet was to buy one in Phoenix. Rather than buying one here, towing it down, and then transferring the registration and all that good stuff. We found MM a little six speed Nissan Versa hatchback. Great MPG, very low mileage, fairly new, and within our price range. And it's a Nissan. We have good luck with Nissan. It'll be great for us to use to get around town, and we won't have to deal with the big beast of a truck MM uses here. I'm guessing it wouldn't even pass Phoenix's stringent emissions testing, so this works out nicely.


MM is quitting smoking today. He's been talking about it for a few months now, but hasn't actually done anything about it. I've been patient about it, I haven't pressed the issue at all, but I really hate him smoking. The danger to his health, the smell, the expense - they all drive me crazy. We all have our issues, I'm constantly battling with my weight and he with his smoking, so I've kept my mouth shut on this. If you know me at all, you'll understand how difficult this has been.

I crawled into bed last night and my pillows smelt like cigarette smoke. It pushed me over the edge. For some reason, I'd never smelt it in my bed before. I decided that he's wanted to quit, and maybe he needed me to put my foot down. He kept saying he'd stop next week, after the next pack, on his next days off work, but it never happened.

I told him to finish the pack he had, and then that was it. We weren't paying for them anymore, I was worried about his health, sick of the smell, done with spending money on something that was so bad for him. I warned him that from here on out, I was going to be a nagging bitch about it. We'll see if the tough love approach works. I hope it does.

I hate to be that person***, but maybe it's what he needs. He actually seemed pretty happy that I was making the decision for him about quitting NOW. M2 bought him the quit-smoking gum for his birthday, so he's got a crutch. It's time to do it. New state, new job, new house - fresh starts and all, right?

**** (****)

*Daisy has issues. She can't handle other dogs doing things that she won't. Playing catch, for instance. Daisy isn't interested in games of fetch. Much like me in PE, she stands there and watches the whatever you're throwing go by. Unless it's food, then she's all over it. Also, much like me....Anyway. She's highly offended when others want to play, and she voices her complaints with gusto.

**We found one online from a dealer we trust and made a deposit, anyway. I've never bought a car online, without a test drive. I'm feeling rather bold and adventurous. Or very, very stupid. Only time will tell.

I am totally that person, but I'm not happy about it....OK, I'm secretly a little happy about it, but don't tell anyone.

****I've decided to use these little *'s to separate the post from the annotations. And also change the text size. Partly because I'm hoping it'll be easier to read that way, but mostly because I just realized how to change the size of the font. Just thought I'd keep you all in the loop. Because I care.

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