Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I'm feeling like crap today. I thought it was last night's dinner out, but instead, it's the stomach virus that's going around. It's horrid. I hate throwing up ('cause, y'know, most people enjoy it) - I'm always afraid I won't get my glasses off in time and they'll end up in the toilet along with the contents of my stomach. I'm not sure any amount of bleach could help me then. On the flip side, I am blind without glasses or contacts, so there's always the added worry of missing the toilet entirely if I take them off beforehand. You can see how this is all a bit of a problem, right? Because being sick isn't enough of a problem on its own.

There is one nice thing about being sick, though. MM rarely if ever calls in for work, so he freaks out if I'm ill. Yes, you read that right, it's a nice thing when he freaks out. Tonight, he called me and asked if I needed anything before he got home, ran to the store for me, and then popped his head in long enough to toss a box of saltines on the bed from the doorway. I use my cell phone to call the house phone for everything I need, and he spends the night on the couch so as not to catch my plague. I get the glorious king sized bed all to myself so all my stuff can be spread out around me. I don't have to fight for pillows and blankets, and I can read all night since I slept all day. It's pretty damned nice. If only there wasn't the sickness involved, it'd be like a vacation.

The fact that MM will barely enter the room and will definitely not sleep or sit near me when I'm sick has been reminding me of a book I read over the summer, The Year of Living Biblically. If you haven't read this one yet, I highly recommend it, it's hilarious. The author spends a year trying to follow the bible as literally as possible. IN NYC. Complete with stoning adulterers. There's a bit in the bible about not sitting on the same seat that a menstruating woman has sat on. His wife loves this, as you'd imagine. To show her annoyance, she sits on every possible seat in the apartment, forcing him to buy this cane/stool contraption so he won't have to stand up all the time at home. The stool also helps with the subway and other public places. It's not exactly polite to ask strangers about their cycle, and would possibly be dangerous in NYC. Not quite the same thing as avoiding germs obviously, but MM's zest in avoiding me rang a bell today.

I've been spending the down time today trying to read The Three Musketeers. I read The Count of Monte Cristo and loved it, but I'm not having the same experience with this one. I'm nearly 100 pages in, and already this little upstart has pretty much challenged every person he's encountered to a duel. People were apparently very violent in the 1800's. What's with that? I swear, the book is today's equivalent of a Rambo or Terminator movie. I wonder if mothers stopped their children from reading it back when it was first published? Did they worry the kiddies would be out there trying to duel everyone that crossed their path?

Unfortunately, I don't think I have the patience to get through it today, so I've been alternating between that and the latest Vince Flynn book, Extreme Measures. I just love his writing. It's entertaining and fast to read. I started it around two this afternoon, and between Musketeers, napping, showering (up to three already today) and puking my guts out, I'm over half way done. It's a good story, and these types of books really grab me. I just finished the latest Clive Cussler yesterday, and between the two of those authors, I could do nothing but read all day long. I wonder if I could find a paying job in that somewhere?

OK, sorry, I didn't mean to turn this into a book club. I guess I've been reading a lot lately. Having an excuse to take an easy today was really pretty groovy. My body needed a break, and BW especially enjoyed playing video games most of the morning. I was feeling well enough for us to do some math, science, and some of his reading, but that was about it. Though it sounds like enough when I write it down. Anyway, here's hoping this will be a quick sickness and tomorrow I'll be back to my usually routine. You know how it is - more than one day in bed for mom and the house and family seem to turn on themselves. Soon the house will be a disaster and MM and BW will be attacking each other like feral badgers. I hate it when that happens.


SuziQ's Daughter said...

So sorry to hear you are ill. It definately has been going around as all of my family, except my brood, had it at Thanksgiving. Seems one of the visitors at my stepsisters house had it when they showed up and infected everyone there. Including my neice who just had the baby. Hope you feel better soon.

lisafer said...

Thanks, M!