Friday, December 12, 2008

It's the best day ev-errr.....

I had the joy of watching Spongebob this morning as I got ready to go into town, and one of his little songs got stuck in my head. I was in one of those giddy happy moods, so I drove everyone crazy singing it repeatedly throughout the day. Even BW tired of it quickly.

In spite of my singing, we had a nice day out. We did the science museum and lunch, I got my van detailed to get the gross smell of cigarette smoke out of it (yes, MM is trying to kill us with second hand smoke, thank you very much), and we went to M2's oldest's high school production of A Christmas Carol. The play was really fun, BW really enjoyed it. He sat through two hours of it, which is pretty impressive. My only complaint would be the seating.

35 year old butts are not meant for wooden high school auditorium chairs. I'm sure no one over 18 can possibly sit in them without severe numbness and pain. I think those chairs are strategically designed to keep the kiddos awake during all those boring ass assemblies and hours of standardized testing.

I just re-read what I wrote. I now have this picture of a factory for assembling boring asses and then testing them (in a standardized way) running through my mind, but I'm too tired to fully pursue it. If you'll just imagine Laverne and Shirley's beer factory, minus the beer, plus assorted body parts, you can probably flesh it out on your own. (Excuse the bad pun, it's late and everything is so much funnier when I'm tired.)

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