Monday, December 8, 2008

It's a blustery day....

I'm so excited! We're having crazy, multiple personality disorder weather today. It changes every time I look out the window. As I type this, we seem to be having some grayish dust storm type thing. We've had sunshine, clouds, hail, wind and rain - all within the last two hours. It's a stay indoors, keep your robe on, start a fire sorta day, and I'm seriously diggin' it.

The forecast says we can look forward to snow tomorrow, and BW can't wait. We get it infrequently enough here to be exciting for him. Our snow generally doesn't stick around long, which is just fine by me. I don't like the heat, but snow scares me. I'm a tropics or desert sort of girl - born in Hawaii and raised in Phoenix - so snow pretty much freaks me out. It looks nice from the inside, while sitting next to a roaring fire. It's not meant to be walked around in or driven through. I figure snow and ice is nature's way of saying, "Get the hell off the roads, you morons!!"

I do have to say this is one of the often unspoken benefits of home schooling - we rarely have to leave the house on days like these. No getting up before dark to wake up BW and get him off to school. No leaving the house in the middle of a snow storm to go pick him up. When it's a blustery day outside, we can choose to hunker down, start a fire, read books and watch Harry Potter movies all day long while drinking something hot. It's a beautiful thing.


ImPerceptible said...

"Get the hell off the roads, you morons!!"

Ha! I agree 100%.

It was cold here today and I didn't get out of PJ's until 3pm. Homeschooling has so many advantages. :)

lisafer said...

Yeah, I had to finally get out of my warm fuzzy robe around dinner time. Seems so pointless by that time! ;)

Zayna said...

I'm with you. Despite being born and raised here in Eastern Ontario, I still see snow as pretty to look at through the window but not really good for much else.

Unless you count the excuse to sit by a fire in your housecoat in the middle of a weekday! For that, it serves greatly.