Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our newest family member....

Meet Eva and Daisy. We've had Daisy since we moved here, she was a stray we found a few days after we moved into our new house. We think she's about four years old.
Daisy is above, with her pretty pink collar. She's a great dog. We've never been able to figure out what breed(s) she is, but whatever the mix, it's pure awesomeness. No problems at all, doesn't bark obnoxiously, totally mellow, takes her meds every day without being difficult. She has some health problems - she has seizures and our vet can't figure out why. The drugs seem to fix it though, so she's OK. We love, love, love her. She's probably the best dog we've ever had.
This darling girl is Eva. She seems to be some sort of yellow lab/shepherd mix. We think she's about six or eight months old. She's nearly as big as Daisy is, and she's got big ol' feet. I imagine she's going to be a big girl when she grows into them. So far, she's sweet as can be. She's still a puppy, so we're going to have to watch what we leave sitting around. (She's already helped herself to a sock and a Webkinz, the little sneak.) Her full name is Christmas Eve, since she joined our family just today. We think she's going to be a lovely addition to our family.

Looks like we got a family Christmas gift after all.

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SuziQ's Daughter said...

What a CUTE new addition! My lab, Zack, also suffers from seizures. I feel your pain there.