Saturday, December 27, 2008

Passive Housing

In our quest to sell our home and figure out some sort of future in our less-than-stable economy, I've been looking into different housing scenarios. We've thought of living in an RV - the house that moves where ever the jobs are, AND answers my desire to roam. We've talked about buying a small house in the country that some friends of ours may or may not be selling - we'd end up with no mortgage and some land, but they haven't decided to sell yet. Just a technicality, really. I've also been doing some research into buying some land and building some sort of sustainable, environmentally friendly house. By research, I mean looking at different websites and thinking, Wow! Tipis!! Cool!!!!!

MM really doesn't care about living green. He wants to be comfortable and have all his toys. If he can do that in an energy efficient way, he will, but I'm going to have to be the one that seeks out the alternatives and gets everything set up. So when I told him I wanted to live in a tipi while we build a straw and mud house, his response was to roll his eyes and laugh.

Me: When we sell our house, we should buy a few acres and live in a tipi while we build a house out of mud!!!
MM: snort
Me: It will be great!!! We'll make these bricks out of mud and straw and put them together like Legos! BW and I play with Legos all the time! We could totally do it! How hard could it be??
MM: snort, eyes roll
Me: It's pretty windy here....Do you think our tipi would blow over?
MM: Umm, yeah.
Me: Promise me now you won't laugh when the tipi blows over and I'm trapped inside! Promise me you'll save me when I'm rolling around in giant circles through the fields!! PROMISE ME!!!!

I'm thinking the tipi idea isn't going to happen. Maybe a yurt?


Vicki said...

I've totally been trying to sell my husband on a yurt in Hawaii!

lisafer said...

Oooh, a tropical yurt. Much, much better than a West Texas yurt!!! :)