Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Done

Whew! We are officially out of the house, the papers are signed, the buyers' loan has funded, and we are done. I'm semi-settled with BW at M2's place.* MM and the dogs have arrived safely in AZ and the truck is unloaded. BW and I will be heading out there to spend a week visiting, and then it's back to Texas until May for the two of us.

I'm relieved it's all done - relieved the house sold before the job went. Relieved that even though we had to struggle financially for a bit, we made it through. Relieved that we'll be OK until MM finds work again. I'm feeling safe and welcomed and loved, and it's a little overwhelming.

We've always known that our friends and family would come through for us anytime we needed them, but it's still humbling to see it in action. We've had to borrow money to get by while waiting for funds to come in. We've asked to be taken in by our friends until I finished this semester of school, while MM looked for work, until we could find a place of our own.

Everyone has been there for us, doing everything they could do to help, happily, without reservation, through it all. It's amazing to know all these wonderful people, and I'm so thankful to have them all in my life.

I'll be busy, busy, busy next week taking care of some stuff in Arizona, so I probably won't be posting for a while. Until then, everyone have a happy week!


* Did I mention how awesome my friends are? Because seriously, they are some pretty incredible people....


Zayna said...

Oh Congrats!

And it does indeed sound like you have some pretty terrific friends...could y'all use another...perhaps a Canadian friend?


Seriously, I'm glad the ball is finally rolling for you guys.

sixgables said...

Good to hear. I always find that people are good, TV news reports to the contrary. Good luck.

Lisa said...

OK, first, what's protocol here? Do I call people by their blog name, like some sort of secret agent, or your real names?? I need some input on this....

Second, Zayna - always room for new friends, and I'd love to go international. :)

Sixgables - Yep, most people are pretty good, aren't they?


Zayna said...

Haha - Do you know my real name (in the vein of Rumpelstiltskin)?

If you do then, by all may use it.

If not, then if I have devised a series of clues for you to decipher...each more complicated than the last...

You already know, don't you?


Lisa said...

Zayna - OK, so I am ashamed to admit that I don't actually know your name irl. :( I think I knew it at one point, if I remember correctly you revealed it in a comment when someone asked you about Zayna. And just like many other important facts I once knew, I've since forgotten it. And after going through pages of comments, I'm admitting defeat.

Reveal your first clue.... :)

Zayna said...

Uh oh...I seriously thought you already knew. I haven't actually come up with any clues....let's see...

For the sake of time, here's all three clues.

French for beloved one

Alcohol you cook with

Steve Perry made it famous with his first solo hit.

There, it should come flooding back to you...hehe.

Now that you know my name, do you know how I spell it...hahahaaha.


Lisa said...

Man, oh man! So many spelling variations! :) Sherrie? Sherry? Shari?

Zayna said...

Hehehehehehehe, wrong!

Why I'm getting such a giggle out of this I don't know, maybe I need to get a life? You think?

My name is actually spelled Sheri.

Go figure. Apparently it was some huge drama between my Mom and my Grandmother (her MIL) - apparently Grandma insisted on Sherrie (because she's French) and my Mother would only concede if they dropped one r and the last e.

Insane, no?

Well, I'll be...this is the most fun I've had blogging ever.

Thanks Lisa.

...if that is your real name.


Vicki said...

I'm having Lisafer withdrawals. I needz an update!

Lisa said...

Sheri! Damn, it would have taken me forever to guess that! :) Glad you're giggling, and now that I know it I'll never forget it.

Vicki - you're so sweet! Thank you! I'm back! :)