Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Back to Work Day

So my job rejected my bid to go back to work today. I can't go back until I'm fully functional with the left arm.

Son of a bitch.

Thank goodness for short term disability. Even though the forms all say I'm applying for STD, and I'm not sure I want that. And since when is there an application process for that? As if you'll be declined.

So I guess I'll relax, watch my head to toe bruises turn yellow, and watch some more Nitro Circus. Staring at Travis Pastrana helps the healing process.


Sheri said...

I don't mean to laugh but the "I'm applying for STD" was too funny.

Sorry to hear the work idea didn't pan out...but at least they didn't let you go. They didn't, right?

Yes, relax! And I've never heard of Nitro Circus or Travis Pastrana before but hey, he's not hard to look at is he?

Get better soon!

lisafer said...

It's funny, right? I'm waiting for a letter telling me I'm approved for syphilis. ;)

And check out Nitro Circus - it's fun!