Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Texas Peeps

We have three sets of people in, or coming in, this week from Texas. I'm so excited!

First, is my cousin. Here for some training, and was totally unexpected - he called when he got here, we had no idea he was coming. Yes, I understand that no idea he was coming IS actually the definition of unexpected. Sorry - I have a bad habit of overexplaining things. Bygones.

I haven't seen him for years. We had a nice lunch with him yesterday, and him and MM are going to be spending some quality time together this week. Which is nice. MM has met him several times, but they've never really spent time together. They're gonna go do guy things, which apparently involves off-track betting, scary movies and video games. Not strip clubs, because they both subscribe to the 'that's what the internet is for, and that's free' theory.

Second, is our family friend/extended family member, J. He's moving back in with us. He had moved from Arizona to Texas to stay with us, but he stayed when we left. He didn't really have any attachment to West Texas other than us. He's estranged from the remaining family that he had back east, so he's adopted us. Or we've adopted him. Something. Anyway, he's going to be in tonight, and we fully expect to have him with us until he dies. Or we have to check him into a home. For the long haul, basically.

He's great with BW, he helps out where he can, and we all seem to get along pretty well. Of course, ask me that after our lease is up - after a year in an apartment. We have decidedly less space than we did in Texas. We're going into this knowing that there will be a bigger space in our future, so we'll do our best to not annoy each other in the meantime.

Third, and with no offense intended to first and second, are my personal favorites, M2 and her family. I really need to find better nicknames for people, I know. They are here for the week, and BW and I are sooooooo excited. MM, not so much. M2 and the fam are more BW's and my people, rather than his. Which is fine, because we don't have to share them. Unfortunately, I am still working with limited mobility, so most of our visit will involve my ass and a chair. Which sounds so wrong on so very many levels, but I'm sticking with it anyway.

I can't wait for them to get here. It's too bad I won't be mobile enough to do much more than a meal out and a lot of sitting around with my foot elevated, but I'm still going to love the visit.

Now, if I can only I can talk them into moving here.....


Sheri said...

Sorry to hear your foot's still bothering you. Wait...did you have surgery?

See what happens when you stop posting regularly, I forget what's going on. :P

Anyway, sounds like you have your hands full for the next while. And I'm sure your visits will be wonderful despite the limited mobility.


lisafer said...

Hi, Sheri! Yep, foot surgery. But it's getting better. I should be back to normal in a few more weeks, and I'm getting around pretty well in the interim!

Sheri said...

Just popped over to say Hi and hope that your visits are going well!


lisafer said...

Thank you, Sheri! Visits went great!