Monday, July 6, 2009

The Latest

So. Lots of new stuff going on here at the Casa de Heck!

We'd made our reservations to go to San Diego for July 4th - so wouldn't you know it? Thursday morning at 7:00 a.m., MM's old driller called and asked him to come back to work.

In Texas.

The next day.

Since there wasn't anything else on the horizon, MM decided to head back out. It looks like he'll be working twelve on and four off again, so he'll at least be able to come back home every six weeks or so. We figure he can do that, and BW and I can come out there a few times, schedules permitting.

That leaves me here, trying to decided what the heck is going to happen with me and BW. A little hard to home school when your hubby is out of state and you work full-time.

So....I'm thinking about changing to part-time, which I may be able to do sometime in September. We'll still have insurance through my work, I shouldn't have to juggle BW around too awfully much, and since I'm going to school still part-time online, I think this is the way to go. I may have to break down and put BW back in school, as much as I hate to go that route. I guess I'll just have to see how things play out.

We're back in limbo. Yay!!!*


As for San Diego, BW and I still went. We took my mom, and we all really had a good time. Other than the fact that, for some reason, I could not follow driving directions to save my life.** I swear, the GPS would tell me to turn left and I'd instantly turn right. I have no idea what my problem was.

We spent Saturday at Legoland, starting out our day at the Sea Life Aquarium. We stayed for fireworks, and BW got to ride just about everything he wanted to.

I only had to listen to a few phone calls from friends and family bitching about how MM shouldn't have gone back to work out of state. Apparently, a lot of people are really offended by it. I realize it's not ideal, but we're committed to making it work for now. In this economy, I'm just glad he's working. And I have a plan. Which shouldn't surprise anyone - I always have a plan. They don't often work out the way I intend them to, but there you have it.

My plan is a pretty good one, though. It will have us debt free by the beginning of February. We've got two cars we're paying on, and between our savings and our new extra income, we can get them totally paid off. Once we get down to a life where all we have to pay is living expenses, we'll have to decide what we want to do with ourselves once again. And that, my fine webby friends, is something I'm very much looking forward to.


*Sarcasm doesn't translate well online, does it?

**Nobody tells me what to do!!!!


ImPerceptible said...

My SIL had a GPS on her cell phone when we went to Florida a few years ago. We named her Madge and I would yell, "Madge Stick It!" Because I kept missing the turns and she kept saying "Make the next legal U-turn. Recalculating route"

Your plan sounds great. I'm working on a similar one. Once we get the cars paid off (Hopefully next year) I'm woking on saving enough so MH can take off work for a few months and we can pretend were not wage slaves.

Hope everything works out for the best. Extra money is never a bad thing. Sounds like it's going to be some creative juggling over the next few months, though. It'll keep things interesting!

SuziQ's Daughter said...

Glad he is back at work sorry it is so far away again! You'll make it work, you always do. Hope the purses have made it to you and McKenna. Let me know.

lisafer said...

ImPerceptible - Madge! That's funny! My GPS is named "DAMN you, you stupid f@$*ing thing!!!!"
Thanks for your support. I hope both our plans work out the way we, umm, planned. :)

Suzi! - I haven't gotten mine yet, but McKenna got her's and loves it! Thanks so much for shipping it to her separately! And yes, I'm so glad he's back to work. We'll figure the rest out!

SuziQ's Daughter said...

No problem Lisa. Glad she likes it. Im sure you will be happy with the others too. They should be to you soon.

Zayna said...

Well, Murphy strikes again.

Sort of the same here...just when we think we might have to go to the bank for a loan, Hubby gets a call about a very lucrative contract.

It means not being able to move just yet but also not having to increase our debt.

(I swear I didn't mean for that to rhyme.)

Btw, for me, your on-line sarcasm translates perfectly. :P

lisafer said...

Congratulations! I know you were looking forward to selling and moving, but this beats HAVING to do it! Hopefully now you can do it when you're ready!