Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh, The Drama!

So hubby headed to TX, went through all the processing* and worked his first full day yesterday. During the day, he got a call on an application he'd put in for a job a couple hours from where we're at now.

It's a pay cut, but it looks like a good company to work for. Plus, two hours away means he can be home every weekend. On one hand, we won't be paying off our cars. On the other hand, we'll be a lot closer and neither of us particularly want to move back to West Texas.

Looks like MM will end up working just enough to pay for his trip to TX, and then coming back here.

I have to say, BW and I are pretty thrilled. :)


*And found out about the lovely cut in wages his old company had instituted. Which nobody mentioned until AFTER he was processed and on the rig for the first day. Nice.


Anonymous said...

I think it might be prudent to swear off said company at this point. Sheesh. They've done enough damage.

Zayna said...

Well Holy Crap...does it ever stop for you?

Great news though, congrats.

Except for that pay cut business, nice of them to be so honest and up-front about it...sheesh.

lisafer said...

Mara - I KNOW! On top of everything else, he found out that they only had one well for that rig to drill - after it was done, there weren't any other jobs scheduled for that rig. WTF??

Sheri - Nope. Never ends. Ever. Always something. It's crazy. At least life's never boring! :) Thanks for the congrats!