Monday, May 4, 2009

Just A Quicky

Alternatively, How Swine Flu Has Changed My Life....

So, my final got bumped up a week and is now tomorrow. Which is really sort of awesome.* My school is being proactive and trying to get us done early in case we move to defcon six. I've been helping by pointing at anyone who coughs and yelling 'PANDEMIC!!!!' at them.

Since MM was flying in to drive home with me there was really no good way to change my travel plans. Instead, I get a week to just hang out with my hosts. I'm thrilled with that! To celebrate, I am neglecting my studying to play Farm Town and to blog. Luckily my impressively high** class average allows me to do this. It's my payoff for working so hard all semester long.

I attended my first Quincenaera this last weekend. Holy mother of pearl! It started out with the Mass and then moved to different venue for dinner and dancing. There was a DJ and then a band that came from Mexico to play.*** The whole thing morphed from a 15 year old's birthday celebration into something that resembled a wild club concert. There were hundreds of people there, people were scalping the invitations to get in, there was a bouncer type person at the door marking hands, cops in the parking lot issuing MIP tickets. Wowee! I'm guessing they aren't all like this? If they are, I have seriously been missing out.

Anywho, it's back to studying for me. I can't put it off too much, or I'll cry when it's test taking time. As much as I say it doesn't bother me to slack off, secretly, it makes me sort of anxious.


*Thanks, Swine Flu!

**97.7%, in case you'd like to ponder the wonder that is my anatomical amazingness. Wait. That sounds weird. My scholastic amazingness? Is that better?

***Which scares me just a tiny, tiny bit. (PANDEMIC!!!!!)


Zayna said...

97.7% is impressive no matter what you call it! I don't even think I got such high marks on my pregnancy tests! Hehe.


And yeah, I'd be leery of anything coming out of Mexico, even an awesome band.

Lisa said...

Sheri - LOL! And thank you very much! I was just saying to M2 how stupid I'm going to feel if I get sick and have to answer the 'have you been to Mexico or spent time with anyone how has?' question. Ummmm, well, there WAS this ginormous party I went to last weekend.....