Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My new job has a really awesome cafe on site. As well as a three different coffee options, one of which is Starbucks. As in one of those little Starbucks kiosks that sell some of the menu items, but not all.

My badge can be used as a debit card at these places, and it comes directly out of my check.

This may be a problem.


Regularmom said...

Yep. Totally screwed, hon. Half my check would be GONE if it were me.

Be strong!

Zayna said...

I too would be totally screwed in a situation like that.

I'd likely get a bill instead of a paycheck...hehe.

Lisa said...

Ugh. I tested it today. They even have soy mochas, my weakness.

Maybe it's some sort of secret responsibility test - like you won't ever be promoted if you don't come home with a certain percentage of your paycheck each pay period??

Thanks for your sympathy!! :)

Anonymous said...

How did the crockpot yogurt go? What a great idea!

Lisa said...

It went perfectly, Mara! Totally easy, didn't have to move it around at all, turned into yogurt beautifully! Definitely my method of choice from here on out.