Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jack Does Las Vegas

Jack hits the Strip.

Jack visits the M&M factory.

Jack heads to the seedier end of the Strip, possibly hoping to score some crack or a prostitute.

Jack visits the Stratosphere.

Oh yeah, BW and MM came, too.*

"Did you just fart?"
"Oh, man! My mouth was open!!"

Ah, "Paris" at dusk. Who needs France when you have Vegas?

BW: Hey!!! Look at that giant clown!!!
M1: Where??
BW: Right there!
M1: I don't see it.
BW: Wow, C. Your mom is blind.
M1: Hey!! I can hear you, you know.
BW: Well, duh! I said you were blind, not deaf.

BW begs for a hair cut. I'm refusing him and pulling the 'I gave birth to you so your hair is mine' card.**


As you can see, I took a lot of pictures from the car window. In my defense, yes, I did realize my Jack antenna topper was in many of them. I figured I'd live with it, or maybe crop him out. Then it became funny. Mostly only to me.


*This is the "No, we will not smile, now stop taking so many frickin' pictures of us!!!!" portion of our trip.

**I'm just the tiniest bit unreasonable about his hair. I love it longer. He does not. I figure there's plenty of time for him to choose his own hairstyle. Am I crazy?


ImPerceptible said...

That hair is way to beautiful to cut! Looks like fun trip. I've never been to Vegas but my Dad keeps saying we have to go sometime. He loved it there.

Lisa said...

The last time we actually stayed in Vegas was 10 years ago for our honeymoon. We usually go to Laughlin and do a day trip. Much more my speed, I think! A trip once every 10 years is about all I can handle. It was really fun, but it's so MUCH everything - food, people, lights. That being said, I highly recommend it at least once. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jack made me laugh. I didn't get the Jack joke until I got to the end. Then I had to go back and look and I laughed my head off. Great pictures!

Lisa said...

I'm seriously considering making some sort of mascot to take with me on future vacations - it made me giggle each time I took a picture. Glad you enjoyed them!