Friday, November 28, 2008

That's what she said

M1 and I are HUGE fans of The Office. We watch the show and email each other our favorite quotes. Things like "Always go for the eyes. The eyes are like the groin of the head." And of course, Michael's always inappropriate one liner, "That's what she said." Right now, M1 and I are on this 'that's what she said' kick. Our conversations pretty much go like this:

(At the grocery store.)
"Which cranberry sauce should I buy?"
"I don't know, which kind do you like?"
"I'm not sure, but there's jellied and -"
"Hey! Look at this box of -"
"Will you shut up and look at these?!"
"That's what she said!"
(Snorting, hysterical laughter.)

And like this:
(In the Olive Garden bathroom.)
"Wow. This bathroom really stinks."
"Yeah, but it doesn't stink like poo. More like sewer or something."
"Well there is a giant hole right here...."
"That's what she said!!"
(Snorting, hysterical laughter.)

Or sometimes like this:
(Snorting, hysterical laughter.)
"Stop making me laugh!!"
"That's what she said!"
"Oh my god!!! Stop!! I can't breathe! It hurts inside"
"That's what she said!!!!!"
(More snorting, hysterical laughter.)

As you can see, we're easily amused. Most of our days together are filled with laughing so hard it's painful. For some reason, we just set each other off. I know it's not really funny out of context but man oh man do we laugh. There was an entire trip where we laughed so hard we cried because we ate something funky and had really bad gas. Instead of saying 'excuse me' and blushing a little like ladies, one of us (ok, me) just started singing 'it's too late to apologize' under our breath. Yes, I apparently have the sense of humor of an adolescent boy.

Which is probably why I found the Goth Name Generator so damn funny. Thank you Zenmomma's Garden for posting this little gem. I put in my name and came got back Transylvania Tranny. Something about my real, actual name screams eastern European transsexual. Who knew? None of the other name generators were even mildly amusing, although one of them seemed to be a creepy porn advertisement link. I clicked on it to see what my Tourette's name would be (totally unpublishable, by the way) and immediately had to avert my virgin eyes. Apparently the people in charge of advertising links equated Tourette's with naked women. I hate it when that kind of stuff happens.

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