Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm getting lazy

OK, I've changed the format of the 1/2 marathon, as well as the name....I'm thinking with as little walking as I'm actually doing, the 1/2 marathon is not gonna happen. Instead, I'll change it into a daily exercise log. I am still exercising...not as much as I'd like, but at least I'm doing SOMETHING..... Which is more than I was doing before.

Another thing I'm trying is texting all my meals/calorie counts to a friend who is trying to monitor those types of things for herself as well. M1 has been my best friend since 8th grade, and we've gone through a lot together - boyfriends, breakups, moves, pregnancy and child raising, and now this...eating healthy...the ultimate challenge. Heh. So far it's working well, and as M1 texted me last night, it's a good thing we have affordable texting plans. Alltel my circle unlimited texting is coming in handy right about now. I've just got to get a better phone, this T9 deal is a PITA.

I'm also going out of town this weekend. I'm pretty excited. I'm heading off to a Bravewriter conference. It's my first home schooling conference of any type, and I'm thrilled beyond belief. I wouldn't be going if not for my lovely friend M2 (I've got to think of some better nicknames for these people). She very generously offered to sponsor my trip by paying for my share of gas and the hotel room. There's no way I could have swung it otherwise, since Motorman is still driving 200 miles round trip to work each day. Though gas prices have dropped dramatically, we still don't have a lot of extra cash for things like this. She is awesome like that and at some point when our financial situation isn't so icky, I'm kidnapping her away for a weekend of childfree fun to repay her kindness.

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