Friday, April 2, 2010

The Upside of Earning Less

I finally qualify for a Pell Grant!!! I did my FAFSA for the '10/'11 school year, and lo and behold, earning less has finally paid off. I also took time to apply for some scholarships, so maybe that'll result in some money, as well. It'd be nice.

I'm also trying to get back into the mindset of finding free things for us to do for entertainment and education. Home schoolers are notoriously good at finding free and cheap resources, but, I'm out of practice. We live in such a big area, there are all sorts of opportunities. I just haven't taken advantage of it since I've been spending so damn much time at work and school. Since BW will be off in a few short months, I'm trying to find fun things for us to do. Things that don't involve being outside when it's 42,000 degrees out.

A quick update for y'all on my arm, because I know you're DYING to know about it. It's still broke. (Are you surprised?) Still hurts like a sonofamonkey, but it's improving. I'm in the sling/splint only as needed. I'm bruised from head to toe. I'm off work for another few days, maybe another week, depending on how I feel and when I can type with both hands without crying. But the pain is decreasing, so I expect that to be soon.

In the meantime, I'll continue to watch 16 and Pregnant on MTV .


Sheri said...

Haha, watching 16 and thanks, I lived it that was enough.


I'm glad to hear your arm is improving....though it sucks that it still hurts so much.

It's hard for us too to find stuff free to's out there but it takes a lot of investigating to find it.

lisafer said...

You didn't want a 60 minute tv show for memories? ;)

There's quite a bit here, thankfully! I just have to research with the options.