Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today is my last day off from the broken arm. Tomorrow I go back to work, but switch to the part time schedule. Yay! I'm so hoping this is the key to having everything else click into place. I'm so stressed out with school and work and trying to be 'present' wife and mother.

To commemorate my last Sunday, and to get back in the world after far too many days in my recliner, BW and I met M1 and her kids at the theater to see How To Train Your Dragon - totally awesome, by the way. We did lunch, went to the park, and then I took BW to a tattoo shop to have his ears pierced again.

He's been wanting to re-do them for a while, but I wanted him to have it done by someone who knew a little more about piercing than the 16 year old working at Claire's. He's thrilled with the whole experience, and he handled it really well. Even after he saw the gigantic needles they use. ;) Now, not only does he have his ears pierced again, but we can easily switch out the balls on the barbells for little skulls like he's been wanting. My sweet little monkey, he's so punk rock.

The only other interesting thing going on is that my husband and I have a bet going on right now - who can go the longest without a snarky comment or pissy attitude. We've got ten bucks riding on it, and I have to admit it's really hard. I did it because I he's been such a crab lately (more so than usual, I mean), but the funny thing is, I've caught myself biting back some scathing comment at least a handful of times. Just since last night. So, yeah, something for me to work on - as it turns out, I've been a bit of a crab lately, too.


Sheri said...

So your little guy is a bad ass too eh?

Mine has the shark tooth earrings, lip barbell (I think he got rid of that recently) and a rockin' dragon tattoo on his right upper arm.

Of course all that took about six years to accumulate. Six years in which I silently prayed that he'd "grow out of it".

Oh well, there's worse things a son can be than a bad ass. ;)

I think the bet you and your Hubby have going is brilliant. I think I may have to steal that idea the next time Hubby and I find ourselves in a snark fest.

Congrats on both going back to work and going to part-time. I hope that it all works out for ya.


lisafer said...

He is! I really can't say much though, since I've had the nose and tongue piercings as well as multiple tattoos. I took out the piercings, but I'm kinda stuck with the ink. ;) There are worse things out there, so I'm not too worried.

I'm liking the bet - it's definitely making me stop and think before I speak, which I sometimes need to do. I'll let you know how it works out!

Sheri said...

Well, I will admit I tried the tattoo route.

I was 21 and drew my own design that I wanted tattooed on my upper left breast. A heart with a peace sign in the middle. (go figure eh?)

Well, I barely made it through the outline before I passed out. The artist told me to come back in a week and he would finish it up for me.

I think he knew I wasn't going back and of course I didn't.

Today, there's still a scar where you can vaguely see the outline but all the ink is gone and a freckle has since appeared right in the middle of it.

That's the outcome of my adventures in being a bad ass.