Sunday, June 14, 2009

Settled In

We're officially in our own place. I haven't cooked any meals yet,* and we're revisiting our youth by sleeping on mattresses on the floor, but I can take a shower and get ready for work with ease. To me, if you can prepare for a day out without too much hassle, you're settled. My bar is pretty low, as you can see.

I've bought my first plants. Spearmint and rosemary, to be specific. I found some cute, reasonably priced terracotta pots at Target, and got them potted and set up on our patio wall. I even made some iced tea with sprigs of mint in it.

I'm happy to get going with some container plants - I have a list of them I want to get started on. It's fun to watch the local garden shows and see what I can do. My grandfather was a horticulturist and it makes me sad that he died before I really cared much about gardening. Now that I could really use his advice, it's too late. At least I know he'd be thrilled if he were still around!

As for work, it seems to be going well. It still makes me twitch when I think about all my student loans, and not finishing school, and what am I going to do about that, and on and on and on. But the job itself, it's good. I think I'll be good at it, when I finally make it through training.**

Have I mentioned that my last job in this same industry made me want to stab myself in the eye? So far I've had no urges in that direction. Maybe I never will. It's possible, right? Different company, different atmosphere, more internally driven direction on my end. Either way, I'm sure that one of two things will happen - I'll love the job, decide to change my major, and life will be good. Or, I'll not love the job, I'll quit and finish nursing school, and life will be good. I'm leaving myself open to both options, and I'll accept*** which ever one seems to work for us.


*Unless microwaving a bowl of soup counts??

**SIXTEEN weeks of training. Eight weeks of classroom training, and eight weeks of OJT. Crikey, it's a lot of training. But it's kind of nice - makes me all warm and fuzzy inside that it's so extensive. Says a lot about their priorities, I think.

***Gratefully. Very, very gratefully. That I'll have a choice, that I have options, that I won't feel trapped in a job I don't like, should that come to pass. That I have the option of school and a different career. I'm done with working because it's the only option - we spend too much time at work to not like what we're doing. If I'm going to work, I'm going to like it, dammit. And I will NOT let it interfere with how we raise BW.


Zayna said...

It's nice when either option ends with "and life will be good."

Congrats on finally being in your own place. Must be a relief.


lisafer said...

Thanks, Sheri. It does feel pretty good!