Friday, June 26, 2009

Books For People Who Hate Their Children

This gave me a great laugh this morning. Sent to me courtesy of my hilarious cousin, S.

It's filled with wonderful gems like,

“Great, I’m surrounded by cripples. And you can get high by huffing paint? Who knew? Me, now. Awesome.”


“That crack dealer lives in a GIANT MANSION! Screw fireman; I want to be a dealer when I grow up!”


Zayna said...

Some of those are really funny, others are...well, scary. Like childhood isn't frightening enough with the boogeyman, falling off your bike and thunderstorms.


lisafer said...

Tell me about it! What scares me is that not only did the author think these were good books to write, but there were illustrators, publishers, editors, etc. involved. Sheesh is right!

sixgables said...

Gold. although no fair with Edward Gorey. He is a valuable part of any childhood. I treasured my Gashlycrumb Tinies poster...I should get a new one for my oldest...

lisafer said...

I have to say I never put together who Edward Gorey was until now. He is pretty awesome. Creepy, but awesome!