Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why I Can't Lift My Arms Over My Head....

I took BW out yesterday for a day-o'-fun.* I had planned on taking him to see a couple of drive-in movies (two for $6, can't beat that) and spend some time at the local putt-putt place. Unfortunately, the putt-putt place didn't open until later in the day** so we ended up going to Main Event. I am now both hobbled and penniless.

We spent about nine hours there playing video games, laser tag,*** mini-golf, and bowling. All but the video games were in that black lighted, glowy, flashing environment that makes me feel like I'm going to have a seizure. I am so sore and achy, I can barely walk. Between the bowling and laser tag, my arms feel like jell-o. And not just because they're all fat and jiggly, like normal.

It's more apparent to me than ever that I need to institute some sort of physical readiness program before I can attempt a week at Disney. Yesterday made me realize I would never make it through a day in the Magic Kingdom without some serious training.

In other news, I joined Weight Watchers again.**** I did make it nearly two weeks being mostly raw. (Mostly being the operative word.) It wasn't enough for me. I found that I was still out of control with my eating, even while raw.***** And that I couldn't stick to it. I really, really, really like cooked food. I do feel much better, though. My body definitely needed that cleanse after all the garbage I'd been eating.

Up until yesterday, I was meat free. I did have some chicken for both lunch and dinner. I think that most of the time I am happy not eating meat, but I don't think I want to eliminate it from my life forever. I do, however, want to at least make most of the meat I eat organic. I figure if I'm eating a lot less of it, I should be able to afford organic.

Anyway, I started tracking everything I eat (shudder) and found that it was way, way more than I thought it was. I'm still sticking to mostly raw foods, but I am adding cooked meals or portions of meals in when I feel like it. I'm still eating loads and loads of fruits and vegetables. I'm sticking to whole grains and organics when I can. I'm hoping that all this combined will help me get healthier. It's a continuing battle. I promise not to talk about too much, though. It gets old fast.


And last but not least....Airfare from Phoenix to Hawaii? Oh my. Very cheap. My resistance is weakening. Yes, it is totally irresponsible to go to Hawaii when neither of us have jobs. I know this. But since I've never been totally responsible, I really don't see the problem. I keep reading articles about how people are using their unemployment time to recharge, travel, and find a more fulfilling life path. We're unemployed. We need to find new direction. I'm always up for travel. I think a trip to Hawaii is exactly what I need. And mom? Since I know you're still reading, it'd be really fun if you came along. Think of it as our own personal little family reunion.....


*Please read with your best pirate and/or Irish accent. Feel free to add an 'Arrrr' if appropriate.

**Totally not cool for us homeschoolers. One of the pros of living in a big city again will be that businesses like that are generally open all day. I think.


****Why yes, I do find it impossible to remain monogamous to one eating plan. I really should seek counseling for my inability to commit.

*****Nuts. Nuts are how you can be out of control with your eating while raw. Give me a loophole, and I can destroy even the healthiest of plans.
(And [[cough]] cookie dough. Which is raw. Right?)


Zayna said...

Bahahaha, oh man you crack me up.

Nuts and cookie dough...hey, I'm with you.

And I've always wanted to try laser tag...give me a gun and Hubby as target and you will see 15 years of marriage expressed in 15 minutes.

Hehehe...don't worry...he reads my blog but doesn't follow my comments.


Lisa said...

Why thank you Sheri!

I'd just get massacred by my husband. It was hard enough being chased around by four kids 10 and under. :)

Kristi said...

Love your chronicles! I've never tried a raw diet, thought about doing it for a day or so at a time, never considered doing it longer!

Lisa said...

Kristi - I managed to do it once for almost a month, but this time I didn't last too long. It's hard!

I'm glad you enjoy reading. It makes me happy to hear that! :)