Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FINALLY, Something To Blog About

Since BW is in AZ and my A&P test was yesterday, I had nothing special to do today. I had an early dentist appointment* in town and after that, I decided to have a day of fun.

After the dentist, I went and had lunch, had coffee, then went for a massage.** Afterwards, I headed over to the cosmetology school for a facial and a seaweed wrap. All was wonderful. Right up until the end.

They finished up my wrap, and left me alone to get dressed. The chair/table I was on was much like a dentist's chair - rather than having legs at each corner, it had a stand in the center. It also had arms on the sides, effectively trapping me in the center of the chair.

In order to get a little leverage to get out, I raised my legs for an instant. That was all it took for the chair's center of gravity to change. I felt the chair slowly begin to tip backwards.

The whole thing happened in slow motion. The chair began tipping. I began sliding off the chair. Backwards and downwards. Head first. The next thing I knew, I was partially on the floor - my head and torso were on the ground, my legs and feet still on the chair angled towards the ceiling.


There was nothing I could do at any point to save myself. Once the chair began flipping over, there was no way to stop it or save myself. I was unceremoniously dumped onto the floor, hitting my head on the garbage can.

Did I mention I was naked?

I picked myself off the floor, assessed the damage, got dressed, and went and told the girls who were working on me what happened. While they were quite concerned about whether or not I was OK, they didn't quite know what else to do.

I was sort of in shock - you know that 'just had an accident' feeling? Kind of shaky and jittery, not quite sure how you are yet? That's how I was feeling. And since it was closing time, and I said I was alright, the receptionist decided the only thing to do was to bill me for services rendered and shoo me out so they could lock up.

I paid because I wasn't quite sure what else to do, I was still a little out of it. She asked me if I wanted to add on a tip, which I found sort of ironic. I did tell her I didn't really feel it was appropriate to pay even more money, being as how I'D JUST BEEN DUMPED ONTO THE FLOOR. But I now feel guilty about it, since it wasn't the students' fault the chair/table thing sucked.

I feel like they should have gotten a supervisor, made more of an effort to make sure I was OK, had me sit for a minute to to regain my wits. I should have asked for a supervisor, sat down for a minute, and made sure I was really alright.

Since I didn't do any of those things, I headed for a sandwich shop and got dinner instead.***


*Yay, still no cavities!! I love my teeth.

**Massage Envy has some great deals for new clients. It was $39 for a 60 minute massage, which is well worth it.

***And while I was there, while peeing no less, I got a call for a job I applied for in Phoenix. You'd think by now I'd have learned not to answer unknown callers when I'm peeing. They want me to come in and interview. In Phoenix. On Friday.
I spent the rest of the day rushing around like mad, looking for an interview outfit and planning a last minute trip to Phoenix.***

****See what happens when I get greedy and try to take my day of freedom too far? I couldn't just stop at the massage, could I?


Casey said...

Wow, there's a cautionary tale if I ever heard one. Glad you're okay.

Lisa said...

Tell me about it, never thought something so pleasant would turn out so...unpleasant.

SuziQ's Daughter said...

Leave it to you to have this happen! LMOA! I could visualize it happening, not your nakedness, to anyone. Good luck on your interview!

Zayna said...

This post just proved my whole anti-naked in front of any one other than Hubby stance...even if it means a massage.

Glad you are okay though.

Kristi said...

One of those things you will look back on and laugh! Maybe it was a wake up call, lol!
Good luck with the interview:)

Lisa said...

Michelle - Only to me, I know.... :)

Sheri - Generally, I find massages are well worth the 'naked in front of people' thing. Now I'm rethinking that entirely!

Krisit - Some wake up call! :) I was awake alright!!