Thursday, October 16, 2008

Out of Town....

Hello, Dear Readers!

I thought I'd update my blog today, because I probably won't get a chance to next week. Tomorrow Motorman, BW and I are leaving for Albuquerque, where we will spend a delightful weekend with my mother. On Sunday, Motorman will head back to work, and BW and I will head for Phoenix with my mom. We'll be home some time the following Friday.

I'm excited because I'll get to see some friends, spend some time with my mama, and BW will get a few nights with his other grandparents as well. I'll get some short (but sweet) child-free time - as a homeschooling mom, child-free time is much appreciated. I love being with my son day in and day out, but a few brief breaks here and there are always nice. I apparently need one, because I've managed to lose my temper and yell at BW twice today, making him cry both times. Which is probably not as bad as it sounds, because he cries at least once a day, anyway. The kid gets hurt physically (falling off something, running into something, tripping, etc.) at least once a day, and gets his feelings hurt pretty easily, too. There's a lot of crying in our household. Wow. Sounds kind of depressing....He does get over it pretty quickly, so it's not all tears and wailing, I swear.

So anyway...I've updated my blog. I went ahead and updated my whole exercise schedule for the days I'm gone. I'll have to update whether or not they actually were done when I get back. I'm hoping to keep up my routine. So far, I've done pretty well. I switched around a few days and exchanged one 30 minute walk for a couple of hours of house cleaning. I figure that's a pretty fair trade.

In other news, I applied for a job. I'm not really expecting to get it, but I thought I'd go ahead and send in a resume. It's something I can do at night (now that motorman is home each night) and earn a little extra money since it looks like our house isn't going to sell any time soon. The job is as a patient registrar at a hospital about 30 miles away. It's something I'm actually qualified for, something I can do and still be home during the day with BW, and when people ask me what I do I'll get to sound like a pirate. Go ahead, say registrar out loud. Now grab an eye patch, pretend you have a peg leg, and say, "Registrar, matey!" See? I am unable to say registrar (matey) without channeling my inner Jack Sparrow. I've been going around saying it in my head for the last few days. I'm so easily amused....

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SuziQ's Daughter said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy your time!!! Also, good luck on the job!