Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lucy, I'm ho-ome

I hate sharing a bed with my husband.

BW and I just got back last night from our trip to AZ, where I had wonderful, uninterrupted, comfortable sleep. Yet I missed sleeping in the same bed as my husband, I was lonely. I was looking forward to sleeping next to him, to being home. Now that I'm back, I realize perhaps it was just the bed I missed.

My husband is a restless sleeper. He doesn't sleep with his head in the pillow area and his feet in the feet area, oh no. He sleeps diagonally. He flips around and sleeps with his head where his feet should be, and his feet where my head should be. Or he sleeps with his head in the proper place, but in fetal position, with his knees and feet jammed up into my back. I'm constantly getting goosed by his long pointy toes. If I don't have his toes up my rear, then he's sliding his arm under my pillow. What's with that? I'm all comfortable, and suddenly there's an elbow shaped lump under my head. We have five freaking pillows on our bed, but he still has to mess with mine.

I should have known from the beginning that sharing a bed with my husband was going to be less than ideal. When we first started sleeping in the same bed, he'd roll over and hit me square in the face with his elbow. He'd lose his pillow, find mine and I'd wake up in the night with my head hitting the mattress after he yanked my pillow out from under me. I learned to sleep on my side, both hands desperately clutching my pillow. I'd wake up in the night playing tug-of-war with him, him trying to yank it away, me hanging on for dear life.

I like having him in the same room with me. I like talking as we wind down for the night. I like snuggling when it's non-combative. The problem is, the snuggling and talking and winding down parts aren't worth the poking and prodding and pillow battling I usually suffer through.

I woke up this morning and announced that I was done with the king sized bed. From here on out, I want my own space. I'm not ready for separate bedrooms, but separate beds are sounding pretty damned appealing right about now. When we're conscious, we can talk. We can even visit each others' beds for a snuggle. Then we can move to our own space, to sleep in comfort and peace. I can't see a downside, at this point. It's got to be better than constructing the pillow wall in between us every night, fighting for toe-free space in the king sized bed we have now. I'm tired. Lucy and Ricky had it right.

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SuziQ's Daughter said...

I feel your pain.... :o)