Sunday, August 3, 2008

Good Morning Sunshine!

I woke up early this morning. Bubby needed a bottle and when I eventually dozed back off motorman woke me up to say good bye when he left for work. That was the end of my night of sleep. The sun hadn't even risen yet. I. Am Not. A. Morning. Person. I went to bed late last night, and six hours of sleep isn't gonna cut it for me. I'm going to be tired and cranky today, I can feel it. Well, maybe not cranky, but definitely tired.

I'm watching an episode of Clean House. I had never seen it before this morning, and it's my favorite show of the day. As you know from my all important First Post, I am not big on cleaning. The people on this show have a WAY bigger problem than I do, which makes me feel better about my own mess. There was a woman/daughter pair who did not want to let go of anything. The mother was acting like boy wonder when he doesn't want to share. You know what I mean - it's mine, don't touch it, I'm not changing my mind (sticks out lip, stamps foot). She actually broke down and cried at the end when she was presented with a beautiful new living room. She was in panic mode. She hated the color, she hated the brand new couch, she wanted her mess back. She finally said there was nothing they could have done to make her happy. The part that scared me is, if I heard this right, she's a judge. I sincerely hope I'm mistaken, because if not, well, wow. I'm not sure what to say.

Anyway, these people are really attached to their stuff. People are having babies and there's no room for cribs because of things called kegoraters. I'm not even entirely sure what that is. I get the keg part (hey, I went to public school) but what's the 'orater'? Feel free to enlighten me if you know...I guess I could google it, but I suppose I don't really care all that much. My point to all this is (yes, there is a point): why do these people go on national television and expose themselves like this? They freak out, they're dragged kicking and screaming into participating. I'm not talking about the ambush shows where friends or family sign them up, these are shows that everyone seems to sign up for on their own. Do they truly not understand what they're getting themselves into? Are they so happy to have a free decorator and free stuff that they never thought about what all it would involve? I assume they have actually seen the shows before appearing on them. I would LOVE to be on these shows. Please, by all means, sell my stuff and redecorate several of my rooms. Tell me What Not To Wear.

And, by the way, I have not figured out how to link to different websites yet. Too early in the morning and too little sleep. Too much to wrap my tired brain around right now....

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