Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm not sure what happened to my last blog post. It got eaten. Which is a little ominous.

Things are all up in the air here yet again. I'm not feeling much like blogging lately. In fact, I'm kind of thinking of killing the blog. I'm just not feeling it anymore. It is no longer seeming to fulfill a purpose for me. It's just one more thing I'm not getting accomplished as of late. One more thing that is not turning out at all like I had wanted it to.

I'm feeling a little bah humbug today, as you can see. :)

So, rather than prattle on about it, I'll wish you all a happy holiday and sign off. Hope the tail end of 2009 is wonderful to all of you!


Vicki said...

What the heck are you thinking?? Killing the blog! Nonsense. :)

I for one will miss it sorely! Don't let it stress you, you own doesn't own you. Use it when you need it and put it aside when you don't. I think you will regret killing it later on because you have some good stuff written in here!

You're allowed a break or two or three....just come back to us when you feel like it. :)

Zayna said...

Oh Dear.

I totally understand the feelings about blogging, been there done least half a dozen times.

I only want for you what you want and if that means letting the blog go, I get it.

Just know that you've been an awesome blog friend and I'll miss you.

Always hoping that you're doing well.


lisafer said...

Aww, thank you both! It does kind of feel like some form of blogging suicide to kill it. I think I'll just not think about until after the new year, and go from there.