Monday, November 9, 2009


BW returned to public school today. We decided if he wants to try it, the sooner he starts the better.

It seemed to go well. He seemed pretty happy with the whole thing. His teacher seems nice. My only issue so far is an HOUR (or so) of homework in 3rd grade. Really? An hour? Seems a tad excessive to me, but this is all new to us so maybe it's not. I will say that I don't remember having that much homework in high school. But then, I wasn't exactly focused on my education in high school. I was focused on, ah, other things.

Anyway, he was happy and he had a good day. He wasn't stabbed, beaten up, bullied, and (to the best of my knowledge) was not getting high in the vacant lot across from the school at lunch. All in all, a successful first day in elementary school.

In the meantime, I am adjusting and making the best of this. MM and I got BW situated this morning and then walked a mile. I counted calories and ate healthy and vegetarian all day today. If BW is going to be in school maybe nursing school is back as an option, and I really want to get rid of this excess weight before my knees wage a bloody coup at their burden. Wish me luck.


Zayna said...

Awesome! Sounds like a great start. And go for it as far as going back to school. It's a great way to encourage and support Andrew with his decision.

Go Mom!

Zayna said...

Miss you. I hope everything is going well.


lisafer said...

Hi! Yep, everything's going great. Just lots of stuff going on! I'll be blogging again soon, I hope!! :)

Zayna said...

Good! As long as everything is great then I won't bug you anymore for an update...though I'll keep checking for one.


lisafer said...

You're not bugging me! It's great to hear from you!! We've got some more big changes going on, for the better, and I'm not ready to blog about them yet. But soon! :)