Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hellllloooooo There!

I'm not dead!

I've just been busy. And lazy. And feeling very unbloggy and introspective. I've spent the last month coming to terms with my life - what it is and isn't, what it can and could be - and finding out I'm pretty damned happy with it. 

I've been thinking about blogging, I really have. I've also been thinking about not blogging at all - thinking about writing a goodbye post and closing it all down. I started this blog to talk about and talk through homeschooling, and since we don't really do that any longer, it became my place to muse and vent and write stuff out. But, I wasn't real sure I wanted to blog about the stuff going on here anymore. I'm still not, actually.

But I'm also not quite ready to say goodbye. And then I got this blogging award from one of my dear web friends, and I thought I'd best resurface for a bit. Since she still cares and all. :) 

The award is “Cherry on Top” Award for “beautiful blogs with that little bit extra”. First of all, thanks, Sheri! I'm not sure it's deserved, but, I appreciate it!

The rules are that I answer a question and nominate six more bloggers. I'm not sure I have six people, but, I have a few in mind. Anyway, here it is:

1. Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you, and what would it be?

Oh, man, I can only pick ONE? That's impossible. There are so many things I wish I had or hadn't done, so many things I would like a do-over on. If I had to narrow it down, I wish I would have traveled around the world and lived in a different country before I married and had a child. Now it seems so difficult to attain, and there are so many other people's desires and feelings I have to consider. Well, OK, only two people, really, but since I'm married to one and the mother of the other, they're feelings are fairly important to me. So it feels sometimes like more than two, if you know what I mean.

2. Pass the other award along to 6 of your favourite blog writers.

In no particular order:

My Foil Hat. I love this blog. Amy has home schooled four boys and has survived to tell the tale. I love her writing, her humor, and her insight on education. I live vicariously through her trips to the beach, and have a secret desire to hide out in her SUV and join them on the next trip.  But, in a totally non-creepy sort of way. Really.

ImPerceptibility. Even though she officially said goodbye to her blog a month ago, I'm not ready for it to end. Another homeschool blog, with a twist of, I don't know, a twist of SOMETHING. She's hilarious, she's out there, her posts often have me in tears. I love her blog, and I'll really, really miss it. But it's worth every minute to read all the old posts, so check her out. 

Where the FuhKaui. Vicki is living my dream life - traveling in an RV unschooling her kids and seeing America. She's not afraid to try anything new, she's someone I can count on for advice and and vicarious adventure, and she posts great videos on Facebook.

Squid Ink. She eats bear after being a vegetarian for 20 years. She goes to Hippie Camp. I want to steal her son's hair. I love checking in and seeing what she's up to. What more can I say?

Regular Mom. She's a poet, she's a homeschooler, she's sarcastic, and she's the Arbiter of Art. Again, what more can I say?

3.  Thank the person who gave you the award. 

Thank you, Sheri, at My Leftover Life. Sheri has been with me since the start of my blogging, she's always there with encouragement and support, and I swear she's my Canadian alter-ego. We just seem to get each other, and the older I get, the more and more I appreciate that connection with someone, no matter where they are. She is funny, sweet, and writes some pretty amazing poetry, which I've completely quit commenting on, because my comments were usually just something along the lines of "Oh, my gosh. That's EXACTLY how I feel!!"

So, I'm seeing a common link here with these blogs. They're all by women, they all make me laugh, make me think, or make me cry. They're all mom's. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the blogs is either that they're hilarious, well written, or just someone I love to "visit". They all deserve the Cherry on Top award. And to any readers I have left, go check them out. 


Sheri said...

You're welcome for the award, you most certainly do deserve it...I mean if I did... :D

"Canadian alter-ego", I love it! That made me laugh out loud. Can't wait to check out your nominations.

Glad to see you around again but totally understand the ambivalence about blogging.

For me, it depends on the day. Some days are great and I love it, others it feels like a chore and want to just quit it.

I just go with the flow and figure as long as I'm not paying to blog, like a gym membership or something, it doesn't really matter whether I do or not. ;)


ImPerceptible said...

Thank you for the award. I appreciate it. I'm trying to decide if I should be called the former blogger know as ImPerceptible or the blogger formerly know as ImPerceptible. Or maybe just make my name a symbol. It's so confusing!

I'll have to check out the other blogs. They sound great.

Sheri said...

Have I already commented to this? I thought I had - or are you just not around to approve it right now?


Either way, thanks again for playing and for the kind words.


lisafer said...

ImPerceptible - I'd go with the symbol. Always the symbol.

I haven't been around!! Too much going on, I guess. Good stuff, though, at least! I'm sorry! :)

Sheri said...

Hey, don't be sorry for having a life! At least it's good stuff.


Sheri said...

Miss you!

You know, I really hate that Live Traffic Feed thing you got going on...just reminds me how often I'm on the net waiting for you to come back.

Hope things are well with you all.

Big Canadian Hugs at ya!

Sheri said...

Still missing you!

Hope all is well with you and that you had a good Christmas and an awesome New Year.


Sheri said...


Coo roo coo coo coo coo!

Just a Canadian shout out. Hope all is well.

If you don't get it...look up Bob and Doug Mckenzie. It'll all make sense.

You hoser!

E-mail me. :D